Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend in Review

For the record, I REALLY REALLY need to be cleaning. I have a news crew coming to my house at 11 am (YIKES) and it is a total disaster. Dust doesn't show on camera, right???

Saturday morning was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Little Rock. We have one of the largest races in the country, and this year was no different! 45,000 women signed up!!! WOW! It is one of my favorite things to do each year, and I always do it with my mom and sister. It is inspiring to see that many women, together, for one single goal: to find a cure!!!

And these guys aren't bad either...LOL!!!

These are the dancing fireman! There is always a traffic jam at this turn, and you can see why!!! My sister and I want to run it next year, but we decided that we need to get our time down to about 20 minutes so that we will have a built in buffer zone of about 5 minutes to stop and watch them perform! They throw beads and "drop trow" (they have shorts on underneath. Dang. LOL!

I also spent a lot of the weekend (and every other day of my life!) chasing after this girl!!!! She can get around pretty good these days, and is starting to want to stand up a lot. She still won't sit up for any length of time. But it is just because she is SOOO active. So I am not too worried. :)

We have tried the "chewy bag" before, but I think she is finally at an age that she can really enjoy it. Here she is eating blue berries. She thought they were YUMMY!!!! (She has had them in baby food form before, so I knew she would like them!)

We went to the pumpkin patch again this weekend with my family. Last time we went, it was my friend Amanda, her baby girl Bella, and Ava and I. We couldn't even get the hayride to the actual patch because there were not 10 people there! This weekend, there were probably 500 people! It was nuts! We are going to have to find a new patch next year! It was too crowded!

Here are our pumpkins from the patch. I added the ribbon to give them a little UMPH! They were looking a bit drab. Ribbon can add glamour to anything!!!

I also FINALLY finished my door canvas for Halloween! Just in time, too! I don't know if I will get one done for Thanksgiving or not! I have a LOT to do between now and then, and my personal crafts are on the bottom of my priorities right now! But I am glad to have this guy done. It really looked odd with all of my pumpkins and mums...and the HOG canvas! LOL! My goal is to get a canvas done for each holiday!

Before you praise me for my uber-creative side...I DID paint this by hand. HOWEVER, I totally pretty much STOLE the design from THIS blog. I steal a lot of her designs. But hey, why reinvent the wheel, right?!?!

As I mentioned before, I have a news crew coming at 11 in the morning. Just another Monday at the Brewer's! LOL! No really, last year I was pregnant about this time, and I had the Swine Flu. I was interviewed about the flu shot, the flu, being pregnant and high risk, my recovery, etc. Well the reporter contacted me to do a followup story and get some footage of Ava. So that will be a fun time!!!! :) And I had planned on scrubbing my house top to bottom today, because they are coming and because it needs it SO badly!!! But my parents called this morning and they decided to (YAY!!!!) come over and work on getting our house put back together! My mom and I painted the master bathroom and my dad working on trimming out the floors. Here is my bathroom after the paint. I had painted it a dark brown called Chocolate Indulgence by Kilz. Apparently I was the only one who liked it. But I don't care. In our next house, there will be a room painted Chocolate Indulgence. Even if it is my pantry!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the bathroom post paint. I will do a full Before and After post soon. I just decided to paint it my Ben Moore Brookline Beige because A. It is a great neutral, and B. I bought 10 gallons of it when we moved into this house and still have about 3/4's of one of the 5 gallon buckets left! LOL!!! I always overbuy on paint! But you never know when you will need a touch up!

I also did some Christmas "Santa" shopping this weekend for Ava! I have always looked forward to playing Santa for my kids, and so I have been overjoyed at the though this year! Even though she will be about 11 months old and won't have a clue....HAHA!

I had already bought her one Santa gift...this adorable rocker from Toy's R Us. Isn't it the sweetest little thing??? I just love it! In my family, Mom and Dad usually got us one big-ish thing, but the "good" stuff always came from Santa!

I also ordered her this adorable "Anywhere Chair" from PBK. It will have her name in green on the back. Isn't it too cute?!?! All of my friend's who have one for their kids just rave about them. My child probably won't like it because she doesn't like sitting still, but maybe she will sit in it and drink her breakfast bottle or juice, maybe watch cartoons. That is what I envision, anyway. I bought it to match her room, but I think it will be a fixture in the living room.


Speaking of Christmas, I always do an Angel from the Angel Tree. Do you have that in your state? I didn't know if that was an Arkansas thing, or an everywhere thing. It is a great program done by the Salvation Army. I am already looking forward to doing one again this year. Money is tight for everyone, but these families just want to give their babies Christmas! We are so blessed, and I think that, especially at Christmas, it is a time to give and share. I want to raise Ava that way as well. If you can, do an Angel.

Have a great week!!!!