Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Fall, Y'all!!!

I love Fall! I really do. Aside from both of my major allergens running rampid during these months, there really isn't anything I DON'T love about this time of the year! (By the way...we haven't had rain in about a month and a half now, so can someone please tell me WHY the MOLD count is still so dang high?!?!?!)

I recently purchased some mums from my sister's friend's little girl's cheer squad (confused yet?) who were selling them for $8/each as a fund raiser! Now THAT is a fund raiser I can get behind! They are grown locally, and I try to buy such things (mums, pumpkins, etc) locally each year, so it worked out perfectly! And they were delivered right to my front door so no need to get the dirt in my car (and usually, a few critters too. Bleh.)

We also went to the pumpkin patch last week with our friends Amanda and baby Bella. Amanda's husband flies with my husband, and she and I have gotten to be good friends. I told her the other day when she came over that she had reached a new level of friend to me, because I didn't stress much over picking up the house for her! HA! Not sure that is a good thing, but hey! Whatev! :)

So I combined my pumpkin patch swag and my new mums and made a little display on my sidewalk! We don't really have a lot of room on our "porch" entry area, so I did the best I could (with the 10 minutes I had to do it in...)! Enjoy!!!

Here is the overall view. As you can see, there really isn't much room for anything major. Sad, I know... :(

I love love love "baby pumpkins." They are just so dang CA-U-TE!!!!!

I really like the one in the front. I had never seen a pumpkin quite like this (which is not to say they have never existed before this year...) I love the different colors and textures, and how the green runs down the lines of the pumpkin. Almost like a watermelon decided to change into a pumpkin!

My very favorite of all time type of pumpkin are the white pumpkins. Like I have mentioned before, I love expected objects done in unexpected colors. And this is one of those things. Every year since Cole and I have been married, I have taken a white pumpkin and painted our monogram on it. Last year I used gold. It was nice and fall-ish, but you really couldn't see it that well. I think the first year I used red. I can't remember...I do remember we lived in some ghetto-fied apartments (okay, they were not REALLY ghetto-fied, but still...) and it got smashed within a week. Sheesh I hated those apartments....

And because no HSH post is complete without it.....

Here is little miss priss. She loves to swing, so we got her a Little Tikes swing and hung it in the garage. That way, rain or shine, we can swing! And during the cold months coming up, I can just plug our little space heater in, keep the door closed, and there we go!!!
I have to mention....when I went to Toys-R-Us this morning looking for this swing, I couldn't find it anywhere! I was so bummed! Then my mom found a VERY helpful lady working there and she said it was a "seasonal item" (btw, it is still about 90 degrees in AR...) and they were off the shelves now, but that she would check the stock room. They had one! And it was PINK!!! Double Score!!!!!!
Hope you all had a blessed weekend.
And on a very sad note, I have been keeping up with this family. The husband lost his first wife (with whom he had three kids) a few years ago to breast cancer. He remarried this precious woman named Leslie. She got pregnant with twins. But then she went into early labor, and while delivering the twins (both stillborn) she had a blood clot go to her lungs. She went into cardiac arrest. They were able to get her heart started, but she never regained consciousness and died a few days ago. Please keep this family- especially her husband and his three children who have now lost TWO mothers and two siblings, in your prayers. They need them now!


The Stokes Family said...

I love your blog it is so cute. I love the remodeling you have too! I was wondering, what color did you use on your bathroom walls? I am looking for a green that is not too olive and I love your color!

The Brewers said...

Thanks!!! The walls in my bathroom are Glass Tile by Valspar. But I gotta warn photographs more green, but in person it's more blue. Good luck!