Thursday, October 21, 2010

These are the shoes your mother warned you about...

No I am not talking about the really uncomfortable but super cute shoes you wore to prom.
Or the ridiculously high heels you wore at your wedding.
Or the $400 pair of adorable Uggs that (gasp) your mother was right about- you really did only wear them once.

No, I am talking about THESE shoes...

Yes. These precious baby shoes. These are Trumpette diving mocks. Precious, precious, precious! But, once again, my mother was right. When I was pregnant, she told me not to buy baby shoes. That Ava would never wear them and it was a waste of money. Now, I have to say, hearing MY mother talk about shoes being a waste of money is like hearing a politician say that they want to do what the people want! It is totally laughable!!! My mother is the QUEEN of shoes! And I, of course, inherited my love for all things accessories from her. So it should come as no surprise that Ava has more shoes in her closet than most adult women. But when I happened upon these puppies, I HAD to get them! The top three I bought at a consignment sale- brand new in the boxes. The bottom "Silly Shoes" (the right shoe is striped, then the left you can wear the solid or the polkadots! SO FUN!) I bought on eBay. Hey. At least I am thrifty about her footwear!

Ava is really good about leaving socks and shoes on. She is past the stage where her feet are the best toy, so she pretty much leaves them alone. There is one pair of cute shoes from Gymboree that she has that she really likes wearing, because the sole is hard and they make nose when she kicks things.

But these particular shoes are the ones that my mother warned me about. The ones she won't wear. Or at least right now she won't. They are all size 4 except the light pink ones, which are 3's. They are the only ones we have tried, but they would not stay on! They might be a smidge big, but no bigger than the other shoes she wears!

So frustrating!!!!

Speaking of Ava, my Nana's birthday was Saturday, and we took a picture and gave it to her in a frame for her birthday (because there is nothing else to get the woman who has it ALL!!! LOL!)

First a few outtakes...

Trying to jump off the chair...

Eating the sign. She didn't like the chalk taste (it is a chalk board).

Finally a good one! This is the one we gave Nana. I also gave her prints of the others (there were like 75) so she could see how hard we worked for her gift! LOL!
Have a wonderful afternoon!!! I will be posting pictures of Ava's new PBK anywhere chair soon! It came yesterday, and it is even more precious than I could have dreamed!!!!!
I also plan on finishing my Master Bathroom redo this weekend, so (HOPEFULLY) look for a Before and After post sometime next week!!!!