Thursday, October 7, 2010

Deals and Steals

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I HATE, with a passion, HATE paying full price for things. I always feel like I am being cheated. And really, I am. We all are! I know retailers have to stay in business, but have you seen some of the markups??? OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!

So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things today....all were bought either on sale or at a ridiculously low retail price. Enjoy!!!!

My carved wooden candle sticks. On sale at HobLob. I don't remember how much I paid for them, but I remember it was pee in your pants exciting! (of course, I was pregnant at the time, so that may have just been the baby....)

My TV armoire. Be still my heart. I am in love with this guy. Solid wood. Great style. Totally functional. And $439.00 at FFO. Sigh....

My craigslist STEAL of a coffee table! No, he is not in showroom condition. And I did have to paint him-he was sad before...). BUT. BUT. HE WAS $10.00!!!!!!!!!! Holy WOW!!!! Love him!!!! I am seriously considering painting him a handsome red- I just have so much black in that room. Thoughts????

One of my favorite estate sale finds. Broyhill. Beautiful. $200. Yes please!

$30.00 on sale at HobLob. Jealous???? ;)

I cannot even BELIEVE I am showing you is SOOOO messy!!!! I have dreams of adding some sort of doors to this guy with chicken wire inserts covered by a dreamy french country toile or rooster fabric. But that is just a dream...
Anyway. He was a natural wood (that doesn't last in my house. It has to be SUPER NICE to not get painted in my house, and he wasn't). So now he is, of course, black. Guesses on the price of this solid wood beauty?
$10.00. Bought him from the lady that sold my sister and BIL their house. Yup. SCORE! I also bought a brand new giant shop vac from the same lady for $5. Why can't I meet people like that more often???
This sweet fellow. Found him at a mass estate sale for $10.00. Works like a champ. I did replace the shade, only because I didn't like the scale of the one that came with it. But for an oil rubbed bronze, perfectly beautiful, mint condition lamp!? No hill for a stepper!!!!
What are your favorite bargains around your house???
And don't forget to come back tomorrow as I jump on the Kelly's Korner "Show Us Where You Live" tour! I will show you my kitchen and how we SAVED SAVED SAVED, and ended up with a dreamy kitchen!!!


Lauren@ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

You could maybe paint your coffee table red and distress it to let a little of that black shine through! That's what happened to one of my black trunks :)

I'm in the process of undertaking a major re-decoration project (for some reason I've decided I hate brown/tan and all brown/tan things have to go. Which is, well, everything) and you give me hope it can be done less expensively :)