Thursday, October 28, 2010

I need a name...and you could WIN!!!

No. I am not pregnant again! And even if I were, I already have names picked out for our next kid! HAHA! ;)

No. I need a name for my little craft business. I refuse to call myself an artist. While I have people tell me that what I do is art, and that not everyone can paint and create, I refuse to believe that. Refuse. I think with enough practice and effort, anyone can do the things that I do. I am just the only crazy one willing to spend hours each night after Ava goes to bed slaving away over my kitchen table!!! HAHA!

I do think people who understand math should be called artists. But that is a different post all together...

Anyway, I need a name. Suggestions??? I need help here people!!!!

This is what I sell....

Diaper cakes.

Holiday Canvases.

Diaper Cupcakes...

...of all sorts. :)

Custom Silhouette Paintings. (these are still a work in progress...)

And school spirit canvases.
I have some ideas, but I would love to hear yours!!! And BONUS!!!! If I decide to use a name you suggested, I will give you a $20 credit towards any of my creations!!!! So put your thinking caps on!!!
(just leave your idea as a comment below. Repeats will not be considered- first to comment with the chosen name wins!!!)


Anonymous said...

OHHHH I'm not creative --- but I just had to say that I loooove your skills :) I wish I could do any of that haha! I made a diaper cake one time and WHOA!! KUDOS Gal! I love it --- I may have to get a Christmas sign made :) Do you ship :) :) :)

Memoirs of a Makeup Addict said...

I have a few ideas
1. Buttons & Bows
2. Sew Cute
3. Little Miss Muffet
4. Little Miss Ma'am's
5. Hugs & Hissyfits's or Kisses & Hissyfit's
6. Pretty Please
7.Little Laughter

Beth Martin Photography said...

I am a simple thinker (hence, my business name is just my name!) but here are my suggestions:
Rachel's Craft Kit,
Craft (or Art) Brewer,
Custom (or Canvas) Creations by Rachel,
Artsy Hues,
Polka-dots and Ribbons,
After Hours Artist