Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun Room for a Precious Girl!

I am SOOO excited because it is "Show Us Where You Live" again over at Kelly's Korner, and this week is nursery or kids room week! And, YAY, I have something to show off this year!!!

First, a peek at the Sleeping Beauty who resides here. I had to sneak into her room to take the pictures, and I couldn't resist getting a shot of her sleepy head! She is a heavy sleeper, so I figured we would be okay! Ha!

GOD LOVE!!!! She is just the joy in my life! I can't imagine what life would be without her! Thank you, Lord, for such a precious gift!!!

Now on to her abode...

This is the mobile my mom and I made to hang over her changing table. We hoped it would distract her and keep her on her back for changes. No luck. Needless to say, I am an expert at "upside down changings." HAHA!

A larger view of her changing table and dresser. It is a small room, and we have every inch covered in furniture. I want her to have more "play room" in her bedroom at our next house, but this is okay for now. The verse is 1 Samuel 1:27. ("For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me the desires of my heart.")

My favorite picture from our maternity shoot.

I found this adorable little basket at Home Goods. I just LOVE it!!! It had the A tag and everything! And it was uber cheap! Even more to love!!! The little table and chairs that it is under (sorry I didn't get a better picture) was mine when I was little. We just painted and recovered the chairs to match her room.

Her side table. The lamps we got at HobLob on sale, of course. They are great! The profile art is something that I do. I hate that you really can't see more of it in the picture, but it is her profile at 7 months. She has her paci in her mouth, and it is just the sweetest thing. I am going to do one for her every year. Something I will treasure always!

The bow holder I painted for her and just some of her bows. I didn't even dare show you her closet. I am shamed at how many clothes the child has. But Kelly is right! Girls are just TOO fun!!!!

This is her door hanger. For those of you visiting, her Daddy is an Army Blackhawk pilot. We are so proud of him, and proud to be a military family!

Random before picture. This used to be Cole's "MAN" room, so we didn't even bother painting. The curtain was one of my not-so-great thrifty ideas- it is a shower curtain. Not exactly long enough. But he didn't care! LOL!

And the after shot. This was before we had Ava, so we only thought it was finished! It is amazing at how much you have to adapt their rooms for them! Function is the name of the game, ladies and gents!

This is the art I painted to match her bedding. I added a verse, but I am not happy with how it turned out, so I am thinking of painting over it, so this is how it would look.

This is how it is now. I just don't free hand writing well. I need lines and a good pen for my writing to look good!

Her art above the bed.

Her blessing ring- it was still incomplete at this point! I hadn't had all of my showers yet! I hope one day she goes back and reads about how excited everyone was that she was on the way!!! I want to do one for each of her birthdays, too. I have always been the person that kept cards in a box under my bed. And now I am glad that I did. I have my grandparent's writing over the years. Now that they are mostly all gone, it is so sweet to go back and see their writing. Makes me feel close to them!

Cute little tassels on her doors! I have been told that once she is crawling, those will be the first to go! We are just about there, so we shall see! LOL!

Her new light. There was a yucky fan there before. This is on a dimmer switch. Any new moms looking for ideas- I HIGHLY recommend a dimmer switch!!!!! But DO NOT get a fancy digital one unless you really want to confuse the heck out of some grandparents! LOL!!!!

Here is a better shot of the table, and a good one of the window treatments. My mom made all of the bedding and curtains, and my dad made the cornice board (my mom covered it). I am SO BLESSED to have such wonderfully talented parents!

Here are some "facts" about Ava's room:

*the furniture is from a local boutique called Pickles and Ice Cream, but it is made by Bonavita. It is wonderful quality! I highly recommend it!!!

*the fabric is called Carnival Bloom. I am not sure who makes it, but if you live in Little Rock, we bought it and the others at Cynthia East.

*the lamps, side table, and the iron wall hangings came from HobLob.

*our photographer is Beth Martin. She rocks. :)

I hope you enjoyed the tour!!!


The Anglin Family said...

Cute room;)
love the colors...
You must live somewhere close by me I'm taking from using Beth Martin. I've never used her but I've seen some of her pics and they are great!!;)

The Brewers said...

We live in Maumelle! She is wonderful! I'm going in the morning to see my daughters 8 month pics! She did our wedding too. She is especially wonderful with babies and kids.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Rachel, what a cute space!

Thanks for stopping by & for your enthusiasm over that farmhouse. It truly is spectacular!

Melissa said...

I'm offically keeping your blog until/if I have my own children! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!