Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Before and After: The story of a bathroom...

When we moved into our house, it was a major cosmetic fixer. Which was perfect for me (the hubs had NO IDEA what he was in for, though....)
One room that was put on the way back burner was the hall bathroom. Our house is only about 1500sqft, but it really uses the space well, and thus we had a great sized, and dreadfully ugly, guest bathroom...

Are your eyes burning? Did the ugliness blind you? No? Okay, whew! But really. Can you believe we purchased such an ugly bathroom? Er, House? Seriously, the rest of the house was WORSE! That is why this was put on the back burner....but don't worry. I did add MATCHING hardware immediately. This was taken the day of our inspection, so that is NOT my "lovely" decor...

Finally. AHHH! The glorious day came when we got our new floors down in here. I wanted to do it all at the same time, because I am not a "lets draw a project out over a lifetime" girl. And my handyman (aka Dad) is. And I knew if I started and had to wait for the floors, I would be itching for it to be done. SO I waited. and waited. and waited.

But I think the results were worth all the waiting!!!

*I spray painted the existing mirror.
*The color is Glass Tile from Valspar. It reads more blue in person.
*The art of the tree is from Walmart.
*We replaced the counter top with a white cultured marble. It keeps more in line with our neighborhood than the laminate did.
*I painted the vanity with oil rubbed bronze paint (not spray paint- paint paint from Lowes.)
I am glad I love this bathroom (and the worlds smallest tub that is in it) because we are now redoing our master bathroom. So I am sharing this one with the rest of my family. Sigh....... :)
In our next house, I am insisting on at least a half bath for guests, because I dream of an uber cute kids bathroom for Ava and her future siblings. :)