Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paint, Paint....and more PAINT!

Okay, I would first just like to say that I am so tired that I can hardly hold my eyes open, and as soon as I get done with this post, I will be going to bed. By way of a shower.

So I have about a dozen projects on my list right now (and yes, it is an actual, physical, list). I have an order for 4 silhouette canvases of some darling (and I mean DARLING) children- all of whom have awesome silhouette-worthy hair. Some families have all the luck.... ;)

I also have been asked (and this is just uber exciting to me also) to donate some pieces to the elementary school in our town for their annual Holiday Silent Auction fund raiser. I am going to donate a large winter themed canvas, a small Razorback canvas, and a diaper cake. My nephews attend school there, and one day, Ava probably will too. So it is a cause that is especially close to my heart! I have the winter canvas sketched and the background painted, and I have the hog canvas and diaper cake both designed (although I have yet to put my idea for the cake on paper...).

I also am *planning* on painting 8 different Christmas canvases for the girls in my family (all the women on my mom's side and my Nana). I have them designed, and would like to get them done before Thanksgiving, so that I can hand them out then, and they can hang them up this year. But that is all dependent on getting my priority projects complete. So every night, after Ava goes to bed, you know what I have been doing! LOL! PAINTING PAINTING!!!!

Well today, even MORE painting happened. The less creative and more tedious kind. We have been working on our house since the day we moved in, and I can FINALLY see a light at the end of the tunnel. The trim work and quarter round will HOPEFULLY all be finished by tomorrow. We are sooooo close!!! But because we got all new floors, and then all new quarter round, that means we had to paint the trim. And that means that for the last several days, all I have been doing is using this....
Ahhhh, good ole' painters tape. Now I usually paint the "right" way. Ceiling, then trim, then walls. It is just easier, and no real need for painters tape because (self promotion warning) I am really quite good at cutting in! But because I didn't want to paint my walls again, I taped and taped and taped off all of the trim (and just about decided to get rid of the decorative mouldings in my house because it was just too much...) Today I picked out a new trim color, Swiss Coffee by Behr. Now, why it is called Swiss Coffee, I don't know. Because it is a white, and it isn't even really brown based. It has a lot of grey in it. But I needed something on the grey side to A. not look pink against my Ben Moore Brookline Beige, and B. not look yellow with my blond bamboo floors. I tried explaining this to the lady at Home Depot. She didn't get it, I don't think. It isn't her fault. My mind is strange. But it works!!! HAHA!

And I am SO good, it is a near perfect match to the existing trim! Now all of the baseboards need to be redone because they are just in bad shape after 2 1/2 years of reno. BUT, I don't have to paint all of the doors and crown moulding!!!! Whoooop!!!!!

I usually don't like Behr paint. It is gloppy and thick and just all around hard to use, in my opinion. If I am looking for something with good coverage, I normally go with Ben Moore (my favorite kind of paint-ever! It lasts forever in the can in the garage- or 5 gallon bucket in our case, wears well on the wall, and Pottery Barn uses it! Hello?!?!?!) But I was in the neighborhood of Home Depot, and now that they offer the same military discount as Lowes, I don't hate them as badly, so we just went there. And when I told them the color, I forgot to tell them NOT BEHR! And I guess because it was a Behr color, they assumed I wanted Behr paint. Oh well. So 25.00 for trim paint later, I realize that this was a great mistake. The gloppy mess that Behr is on the wall, makes for a wonderful one coat, slap it on and call it a day, trim paint! YAY!

So that is the story of all of the paint around my house. I guess what Cole says really is true...if it's in our house for any length of time, I will paint it! HAHA!

I am going to shower and try to get all of the paint off of my body and out of my hair before this impending storm hits. Maybe after I throw a bone over the neighbors fence so their poor dog will shut up. He is so afraid of storms, and I swear he feels them coming!!! He freaks out every time it is about to storm!!! Crazy.