Monday, October 11, 2010

HGTV and I: A love/hate relationship

I love HGTV. I love the ideas, the tips, the products that are featured.
But I also HATE HGTV. I know....I said it. But I have good reasons...

1. On HGTV, a kitchen reno takes thirty neat, clean, fun minutes. In reality, it takes thirty (or more) hard, dirty, smelly, annoying days.

2. On HGTV, DIY projects are super easy because you have an HGTV trailer full of every tool known to man and a hunky professional carpenter standing beside you showing you what to do. In reality, you almost never have the right tool, and the hunky carpenter is your dad or husband who would just rather do it for you (or would rather you not do this project at all).

3. On HGTV, things are hired out ALL the time. In reality, most of us (especially these days) don't have the expendable income to hire work out at will.

There is one, glaring exception to this rule...

YES! Finally a reality show I can get behind!!! Have you seen this show! I love it! It is fun, sad, and makes me feel so much better about my novice carpentry skills! The one where the guy is redoing his kitchen and screws the top cabinet into the drywall without hitting ANY studs, and it falls (more like JUMPS) off the wall 10 seconds after he walks away is my favorite! Freaking hilarious!!!!

I don't mean to make fun of people's skills. Lord knows what it would have been like trying to do our kitchen without my dad.


I love DIY projects. I love the fact that I am not only the brains, but the brawn (well, at least some of it) behind a beautiful finished room or decor.

And speaking of DIY, here is the BEFORE picture of my current DIY project:

I am painting today and cannot wait to show you the AFTER!!!! Hopefully in a week or so!!! :)

Have a wonderful day!


Neri said...

I agree with HGTV. We don't have much money to play with these days so I have vowed to not watch it until I am "ready". ha! Can't wait to see your after!