Sunday, March 8, 2009

Figured I would keep at it...

Well I haven't posted anything in several months. Guess I am not a great "blogger." So a few updates...

We got a new puppy! His name is Hugo Brewer. He is a rescue Brussels Griffion that we got from CARE. He is a perfect addition to our family, and he and his big brother Wesley just love each other!

Cole is away right now for a MTP course (Maintenance Test Pilot) and actually hasn't met Hugo yet. He left in January and will be home in early April, only to leave again for 6 weeks in late April. Oh well, such is the life. But we are hoping that he gets a job here in Little Rock very soon so no more spending two weeks of every month away from home. It is really beginning to wear on both of us.

In other news, we have begun a makeover on our kitchen. It is badly needed, so we are going to use our first time home buyers tax credit to do some much needed improvements (and I hope some new bamboo floors throughout too!). Updates to follow I am sure.

That is about it for what is going on. I am going tot really try to get this going...we shall see.