Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Invitation Picture...

Thank you everyone for your opinions on the pictures! I agree with 99% of the feedback from Facebook and the blog...#2!!! It is just so hard to believe that she was that tiny...and that now she is so big! It is funny, when people ask how old she is, I usually get the same response--- "But she is so TINY!" It cracks me up. Because she is very skinny, usually in the 20-25% for weight. But she is usually around the 90% for length! She is just going to be a tall drink of water! LOL!

I added blue border around the pictures. Not sure about that yet...I think I need to live with it for a while. But I like it better than the white. I might try out black and lime green. See how that goes. Thoughts?

I got one of the canvases painted. This is the small canvas that will be on the favor table. I still have to add the words in the middle (it will simply say "thank you"). But I really like the way it turned out.

And yes, I did it freehand. I can usually freehand most things as long as I have something to look at and kind of "cheat" from. I told you before that I am using cute cupcake cups as the inspiration for the theme. I combined it with zebra print, and have taken three bold colors (pink, lime green, and turquoise blue), and that is the party motif. Here is the picture of the cupcake cup, along with the first canvas that I started and then lost. Seriously, I don't know how you loose a canvas, but I did. OH well. I didn't like the way it was turning out anyway! LOL!

I took the yellow and purple out, just so that I have less colors to worry about incorporating and matching. The large (and it is large- it will probably take me a week to paint!) canvas will have the same look, and it will say "Happy Birthday Ava!"
Til next time!!!