Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PAR-TAY PLANS, Miss Arkansas, and My BFF!

So in case you haven't heard...Miss Arkansas, Alyse Eady, won 1st Runner Up at Miss America!!!!!! It is the closest we have come to the crown in SUCH a long time! I am so proud of Alyse! She is an amazing young woman, and I have thought so since I met her during her reign as Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen several years back. If you missed her talent (and all of the news coverage it provoked) just go to YouTube and type in her name. She is incredible!!!

Even more exciting (and it also happened the same night as Miss America) my best friend and former college roomie, Whitney, got ENGAGED!!! She's been waiting on this rock for a while, and I am so happy for her and Tyler! They are an amazing couple and I am so happy for them! He proposed at her parent's house with almost her whole family there! So sweet! Her sister Blakelee (who is an amazing photographer and is going to take pictures of Ava soon!) took the pictures! Enjoy!!!

Tyler and the future Mrs. Thornton!!!

This is my favorite! He is hugging her, she's checking out the rock! HAHAHA!

So in addition to the excitement of wedding news and pageant news, I am still working on Ava's birthday party!!! I have booked a place (my sister's house was just going to be too crowded since we are expecting around 50 people--- so much for a small party!). So we are having it at a local park, at their hospitality house. And I found a magician lady. She is going to just walk around and entertain. And make balloon animals for the kids.
I am currently working on a banner for her party. I LOVE, like L-O-V-E LOVE this one, but seeing as how this is my first try, this might be better attempted maybe next year....
But isn't it ADORABLE?!?!?!?!?!?!? I know. LOVE. Mine will be more like this one...only not Halloweenish....
Still very cute. I have some ideas to really make it a little more...adorable. :)

And finally.... This is not her hat. I know, it has Ava and a 1 on it. But this isn't hers. I found this one on Etsy. I am determined to make hers. I don't know why I want to make everything. I used to think that store bought was so much better. But I know I have the skill. And I have the time- sort of! So I just think that making it shows how much I care. Not that moms that buy their stuff care less. I just really want to make this party in particular special. It will not only be a celebration of her first year of life, but also a celebration of the end of a LONG, HARD time in our lives. :)
I want hers to be very much like this one! SO CUTE!!!

And also, I have a prayer request. Cole is applying for a job...I can't say too much. But this job would be a HUGE HUGE HUGE blessing for our family. In so many ways. He has been working on getting a job closer to home for some time now, and it always seems like doors are just closed to him. But I have such a positive feeling about this one. Things are just falling into place, working out. And I just wonder if this is why all the other doors seemed closed. Just pray that if this is the right job for him and our family, that the path would be laid out. And that if it isn't, that something better comes along. And SOON. :)
Have a great week!