Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! Now Let's Get Crack-a-Lackin'!!!

WOW! Can you believe it is 2011! I just can't get over how quickly time flies by as an adult! Mind boggling! Well I posted a few weeks back about my goals and resolutions, so I wanted to tell you about progress I am making (and not making)...

1. Weight. Not much progress there. Yet. But I am striving to eat healthier, and to be more active. AND my friend Jillian Michaels is on her way to my house (in the form of two very painful sounding DVDs) and I am resolved to do them at least 5 days a week during Ava's nap time. So wish me luck and keep me accountable, peeps!!! Together, I can loose weight! HAHA!

2. Financial. I am still working on this one. It is a hard one. But I think I have done really really well! We have had to buy a few big things recently, and a splurged on my sweet honey a couple of cool birthday gifts that he will love me forever for. But other than that, I have done really well I think. I even changed the location of Ava's first birthday and saved us $350!!! Whooohoo! More on her party in a moment....

3. Relationship with God. I am really trying to seek the Lord's guidance in all areas of my life, and have been especially working on turning to Him with help on some difficult relationships I have in my life right now. And I think He is changing my heart! I still have such a long way to go, but I know when I feel I can't keep going, He will carry me. And that is such a comforting feeling. I really don't know how non-Christians live life. It would be so sad and hard and scary thinking about being alone in the dark times.

4. Contentment. This is the HARDEST for me. But I am making some strides. Kind of. My biggest issue with contentment is my house. I think my house is lovely, and great. And we (mostly I because we would still have yucky white walls and nasty carpet and tile if it were up to Mr. Brewer) have worked very hard to make it a nice home. But I can't change the size. Or the fact that we are rapidly outgrowing it. Or the fact that there are some uncertainties and situations in our life right now that make it impossible and impractical to move to a larger home. So how am I dealing with this? Well I mentioned in 1. that I had to make some larger purchases recently. Well one of those is a storage ottoman to replace our coffee table. Our living room is overflowing with toys, and so I wanted something that would do double duty. I also ordered some new curtains (I got a deal! Promise!) for my bedroom- I have been wanting some new ones for a while. This doesn't really do much except make me happy. :) And I have a list of things to get done in the next 13 weeks...more on that later too....

SOOOO, I mentioned Ava's first birthday party. Well her birthday is February 11. But we are having it in April, after our "big challenge" is OVER! YAY! So in about 13 weeks. It really seems close when I say it like that!

I have been a planning fool since new years day, when I realized just how quickly it was coming up!!! So I wanted to share some ideas and fun things I am planning!

These are some cupcake cups I found at Michaels, and just loved them! But there is nothing that matches. No plates, cups, nothing! So I decided I was good enough for that challenge, and went with it! So this is my theme, paired with the zebra, and tons of solid colors! I think it will be bright, fun, and OH SO HAPPY!!!

I told you we changed the is now going to be at my sister's house! I am going to make some paper pompoms or use paper lanterns as part of the decor!

I just love these tags! I want to do something similar to these to label the different candy jars and items on the favor table. Instead of making pre-made favor bags, I am going to allow guests (with the help of their parents) to make their own. We have such a wide range of ages that I thought this would be good so that kids could get age appropriate items. I am going to order in bulk from Oriental Trading. Things like silly bandz, pilot rubber ducks, and lots of candy and cookies!

I just love these feather centerpieces!!! Why didn't i think of this for my wedding! They are stunning in white! But I want to do some fun ones (maybe on a smaller scale) for the party.

I have designed the invitation and some water bottle labels too! I will share those in a later post, as I am sure that this party will consume many of my blogging hours!!! HAHA!
I also wanted to just record a list- mostly for myself- of things around the house I want to get done before or shortly after my 13 week "BIG CHALLENGE" countdown is up- and yes I still promise to tell you what the challenge is when I can....
1. Finish the painting that needs to be done in the bathroom.
2. baby proof EVERYTHING!
3. build retaining wall next to driveway/remove flowerbed in back yard.
4. finish wine rack in kitchen
5. take out living room furniture and deep clean floors (something I might do tomorrow if I get brave!!!
6. reorganize garage and ferry items to attic
7. clean out guest room (possibly make it into craft room)
8. clean out drawers and donate clothes I don't wear anymore
Whew. I am tired just looking at that list!

Have a good first work week of the new year!!!