Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Double Helping....

I know...posting TWICE in one day! I better slow my roll!!!

But I just had to share something really special!!! Ava said "Dada" last night for the first time. It is her official first word. She has said other things before that sounded similar to real words, but they were either muffled by pacis or kinda heard on the monitor (she talks a lot laying in her bed at night). But "Dada" was clear and loud, during playtime before bed! YAY! Of course, Cole wasn't there to hear it, so I didn't want anyone to know until he heard it. Call me weird. I just thought that was important. Especially considering the challenge my family is going through right now (some of you know and will immediately understand- everyone else will understand in April!!!)

He didn't have to wait long! He heard it today! And his face was priceless! It was a mix of joy and wonder and pure adoration. Like he had heard the Lord Himself say it!!! Seeing how much he loves Ava just makes me love him that much more!!! I have always been a Daddy's girl, but seeing the relationship of a daughter and her daddy from the mom's perspective, with the mom's feelings and thoughts- I think that is even better! The two people you love the most- your husband who God has given you to spend your life with, and your sweet little girl who grew in your stomach (and/or heart) for, in my case, 37 weeks- fall more and more in love. It is just a priceless feeling that warms your heart!!!

I just had to share! :)

Hope you enjoy these sweet pictures of Ava and her Daddy (these were taken in November)....