Monday, January 10, 2011

My Snow Angel...

Today is my sweet baby girl's 11 month birthday! WOW! It seems like just yesterday she was born! If you want to read more about the day she was born, check out this post!

We got about 5-6" of snow here in central Arkansas!!! Which almost never happens. At least not without significant ice and sleet too! I was so excited since this is Ava's first REAL snow! We had a bad winter storm the week she was born- in fact the day she was born was really the last bad day, but we had to slide into Little Rock for several doctor's appointments, false alarms, and one early labour during the storm. Yikes!!!

Happy birthday sweet Ava!!!!
Bored with mommy's pictures....

My snowbunny!!! She loved the snow!

Happy baby! (excuse my finger!)

YAY SNOW!!!!!!

As you can see, she LOVED it!!! I guess it came naturally! HAHA!

Hope you are having a wonderful snow day (or regular day)!!!!