Saturday, January 8, 2011

Say Hello to my Little Friends....

***WARNING: With the exception of the Ava pictures, I totally and without hesitation stole every single picture for this post off of the Internet, for no other reason than I am just too lazy to take my own.****

As a mommy, I have made a lot of new "friends." So I thought I would share a few with you all!

Having two dogs (and one who eats something bad and pukes an average of once to twice a month) plus a baby with bad reflux/spit-up issues, the first two are a given. They have saved my carpet and couch from some things like coffee, grease (from home reno stuff), puppy poops, Ava poops, and more digestive pyrotechnics than I really care to think about!!!

These are great too! We have just started doing solids with Ava on a regular basis. She prefers to pick up her plate and toss it to the dogs more often than not. This system has saved her food (and my sanity) on many occasions. The dogs don't like this one too much. We have the divided plates too, and we use those more often than the bowls.

Ava is a very good sleeper. But she didn't really start sleeping HARD through the night until I got this bad boy. $13 and some change on, and our life was changed forever!!! I got the sampler CD because I wasn't sure which Ava would like, and I am glad I did. Because I never would have pegged her for a "dishwasher" girl. But that she is!!! I just put track #2 (the noise of a dishwasher) on repeat every night, and turn off the light! It is really great, and it helps drowned out the loud teenagers next door!!!

And because mommy needs to relax too....

Ahhhhh.....Kendal Jackson Chardonnay! My favorite!!!! (and yes. I stole this picture, too. But MAN I wish I hadn't!!! ;) )

On a bit of a sad note, our beloved Hogs lost the Sugar Bowl. *SNIFF SNIFF* But I am so proud of us for getting there in the first place! Whoo Hoooo!!!! Here are some pictures of Ava in her Hogs Cheer Uniform before the game. Sorry they are not turned right...not sure what happened there or how to fix it???

Poor girl! Her skirt is WAY too big around the waist! She is just SKINNY!

When she smiles really big, one eye gets smaller than the other! It is so cute!!!! :)

It is supposed to snow tomorrow, and I have our warm duds all laid out!!! I can't wait! Hope we get a good one so I can have some fun pictures!!!


Anonymous said...

you are too cute Rach! I just LOVE your blogs...I think they are going to come in handy once Tim and I have little ones of our own!