Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmastime, Crafts, and Diets...

Hello. My name is Rachel. And I am a bad blogger. :) My husband randomly asked me the other day why I hadn't been blogging. HAHA! I didn't even know he read "our" blog. So I guess he does! Hi honey!!! I love you!!! ;)

Sorry I have been out of touch. Just been super crazy nutty busy! It seems like there is always more to do than I have time for this time of year. I guess because there is so much I want to do this time of year!

Ava and I went to Branson with our friends Amanda and almost-5-month-old Bella a week or two ago. It was a lot of fun, but exhausting. We only stayed a couple of nights, and trust me that was enough! I just love Amanda. Her husband is a pilot too, in Cole's unit, so we have a lot in common. We also have infant girls- almost exactly 5 months apart- so it is fun to watch them play. Which right now consists of pulling and grabbing and eating each other's various extremities! HAHA! But they have really started to take notice and enjoy each other recently. They even get into "girl talk!" It is great to watch them together.

After I got back from Branson, I mailed off a Silhouette order for a blogger friend in Louisiana. I hope her sister enjoys them! I am kicking myself for not taking a picture....Heather, if you read this, could you take a picture of them for me please!!!! I totally forgot!!! I have four more now to do for my best friend, to give as gifts to her family. They really are awesome gifts for any mom. And I am wholly convinced that anyone could do them if they had the time. :)

After I got done with the silhouettes for Heather, I had to finish these guys....

... for my nephews' school. They had a silent auction fundraiser, and I donated these as well as a diaper cake. Don't you love how the snowman sparkles?!?! The Hogs are going to the Sugar Bowl this year!!!! WHOOHOOO! So I figured the Hog would be a hit. But my sister said it was up to $55 when she left! Holy Wowza! That was unexpected!!! I am going to email the lady that worked with me on it to find out how much it made. I am just curious. :)

Speaking of work, I have been putting way way way too much effort into coming up with a "Santa" outfit for Ava (for her first pictures with the big guy!). I am not a big "get all gussied up" type for pictures. I like for pictures to capture a person as they are, for who they are. And so I wanted a cute outfit, but something that she might wear any other day too, if we wanted to look cute. So this is what I came up with...

I bought the bow at not too long after Ava was born. She also has a couple of Halloween bows and a 4th of July bow that are similar. Right now we have to use a bow band, which might be tricky. I will be taking a small red or black bow that will stay in her hair just in case. She is too good with her hands these days (and fast!) so bows on the bow band are usually in her mouth in seconds. Maybe if I put it on her after she is in his lap, she will be too stunned by the Santa that she won't pull the bow off. We will see....

Speaking of Etsy, this is an idea I found on there...these are ladies holiday socks- the tall ones- and I just cut off the feet (or toes, as the ones on the far right were toe socks...) and made leg warmers for her! How fun is that! And way cheaper than the ones like on!
I have a couple of cute pictures of Ava to share, but I wanted to talk a moment about diets. I have decided that 2011 is a year of dieting for me. :) In four ways...
1. Obviously. Weight. I STILL have not lost my all of my baby weight. Never did I think it would be this difficult. So my goal for this year is to loose that weight. ALL of it. Famous last words, right?!?! HAHA! Seriously though, I want to get into shape again, start running again, and eat healthy. I want to be a healthy example for Ava, and hopefully it won't be such a struggle after the next one, one of these days.
2. Financial. I spend. A lot. And being a stay at home mom, I get bored and spend more. And I am not bringing in much, if any, income. So I am putting myself on a financial diet in 2011. I have asked Cole to give me an "allowance" (which he agreed to provided he be allowed to remind me that it was MY idea when I complain) and work on saving when I want to spend.
3. Relationship with the Lord. This is not really talking about going on a diet to have a lesser relationship, but talking about wanting MORE of a relationship. Developing a stronger hunger for God and His word. I want that for myself and my family both, and that is both a personal and family goal for 2011.
4. Contentment. This is a little of 2 and 3, but I want to reign myself in and go on a diet from "wants." Christmas is always a bittersweet time for me, because so many of the needs in our community and society are highlighted. And each year I try, and Cole and I try, to give as generously as we can, and to remember those in need. But throughout the year, I always fall into the "wants" trap. My house is never big enough, my car needs to be bigger/better. Susie Q down the street just got a new this- I want one too! That kind of thing. We live in such a materialistic world. And I admit- I like nice things. I like nice shoes and clothes and purses. But as I have gotten older I have come to see those things as just things instead of the prizes they used to be to me. Which is good, but I need to do better. Because, although they are still just objects, I still want them. And I have more than I ever need. And I don't want Ava to fall into that inevitable trap. And when she does (because I think it is a natural, human thing to do...) how can I, in good conscience, try to teach her not to envy and covet, when I do those things in my own way?
So that is my diet plan. And I would like to ask all of my blogger friends to please hold me accountable. Thanks!
And now for the good part...sweet pictures of my girl!!!

In her Christmas PJs! So cute! She loves that airplane. We got it before we knew she was a girl, but that wouldn't have mattered. She is going to love aviation- she doesn't have a choice! LOL!

My bathing beauty rocking a bath time mohawk!!! Someone said she looks like a who-person. And I think they are right! She is a precious little Ava-Lou-Who!!!

I will try to write again soon. And when I do, I plan on sharing about our family pictures with Whitney Flora!!!! They are fabulous!!!!


Holly said...

Hehehe I love the snowman, and the bath mohawk! Too cute! :D