Saturday, October 8, 2011

Catching Up, October Style

Hola! Happy October! Okay, so it is almost mid-October. Little late! Sorry! :)

I have been cleaning, hanging new curtains (more to come in a later post- PROMISE!) and generally doing nothing today...and I LOVE IT! Ava has been sick with a double ear infection for the past week, and is finally on the mend, so that has been nice.

Just wanted to share some updates with you on our house and Halloween decor...

These are my "pumpkins... on a stick" (if you watch Jeff Dunham you might get that!)
I got the idea from Pinterest, and adapted it as I usually do with Pinterest ideas. I used a stencil from HobLob for the letters. Stenciling onto pumpkins is harder than you might think- FYI.

Here is my entry table. You might remember it from the before & after post I did about it. I just love getting to decorate it for each season!

What I didn't share was this chair I found at a junk store for $3. I painted it and recovered it with some fabulous fabric called "Love Letters" that I ordered online. I painted it the same color as the dresser, but I am not loving it with the fabric. I just ordered some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in their new color, Coco, so I might repaint it that color. I don't know, I will just have to see what the color looks like.

These are my knockoff PB ghosts. You can see their version here. They want $45 for theirs (ON SALE)...mine are hanging in the yard after $20 and 20 minutes. :)

This is my neighbor across the street. I snuck this picture going back inside after taking the ghost family's picture. THIS is what I have to compete with people! HA! I love them and they have a beautiful yard anyway. And their house has oodles of curb appeal. But it just looks AWESOME with the mums and pumpkins! I can't wait to see what it looks like at Christmas!!!

Oh, I painted my door! It was an awful reddish purple color. But now it is Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore. Happy happy, joy joy!

And we got new living room furniture! YAY! Ours was mine in college, and before that it was my parents. So it was about time for something new. I am not sure about this arrangement. There are definite pros and cons. But I am loving the pieces! Now after we get our granite, that will be the end of our major purchases for a while!!! Granite is coming hopefully within the next month! YAY! I am thinking about either recovering the storage ottoman or bringing back the old black coffee table and painting it with my AS Chalk Paint Coco paint. We will see. And the set came with about 10 throw pillows, but they are U-G-L-Y, so I am going to recover those too!

This is a chair that I snagged from my sister's garage sale pile. She has these around her dining table, and this was an extra. It is primed to paint red, but I think I am going to paint it with my AS Coco paint too. :)

And last, but not least, I *finally* got a station clock! I have been wanting one forever, but we never had a good place for one. Now we do, so we trotted to HobLob this past week and picked one up for 50% off! I just love it, and it is practical too! You can see the time from the living room area and the kitchen area! Lovely!

Well, I think I am caught up. Except sharing about the new curtains. But I am not ready for that project reveal just yet...but I promise to share when I am done! I will give you a hint- the new curtains are in the Master BR. :)