Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Door Dilemma

I don't have much time....I hear munchkin in her crib laughing and playing. Today's nap time is officially over! But I wanted to put this out there....

I want to paint my front door. I know you are shocked. Rachel Brewer wants to paint something- stop the presses!!! HA! I do think Cole was right...given enough time, I will find a way to paint everything in our house. ;)

But I really think this needs painted! My first instinct was to paint it black. BUT, we switched the hardware (and soon the carriage lights too) to oil rubbed bronze. So they would just disappear on a black door. I then thought a bright, fire engine red would be lovely. But A. I might end up dying of frustration painting something red (aka the hardest freaking color to paint ever), and B. I am just not crazy about red doors on red brick homes. Just not. Sorry if you have one- don't mean to offend. I just think that there needs to be some contrast, and red on red brick isn't enough for me.

I thought about doing something really bold like lime green or cobalt blue. But that might be a little TOO much contrast. And Cole would not like that.

So what do my beautiful readers think? Suggestions? Ideas? I gotta get away from the burgundy. It is a must. :)

And by the way, in case you were wondering, the glass storm door is the same taupe/tan color as our home's trim.


Lauren said...

What about a tasteful "historic"-ish greyed-down teal? I think it looks good with red brick. If you need more of a description, I could probably come up with a paint chip. Lowes or Home Depot should have a section of little take home flyers that shows outside color pallets. I remember wanting to paint ours something close to that and then having a child and never getting around to it. Good for you--still decorating with a little one! =)

The Brewers said...

Thanks Lauren! I like that idea!!! I like the idea of using an historic color...that should keep me from getting too crazy! HA! ANd thanks. I love to paint, and paint just about anything that will sit still long enough!

Leah said...

I was at a loss and couldn't think of anything since I was having the same debate concerning our house. Red brick also. I like the historic idea. Thanks Lauren!