Sunday, October 9, 2011

Master Bedroom Mini-Redo: NEED YOUR HELP!

Okay friends. I haven't really touched my bedroom since we moved in around the first of July. Okay, that isn't the total truth. I did hang the art. And arrange the furniture. And I did hang some brown curtain panels that I had (which I never even took a picture of because apparently I was THAT embarrassed by them.) The panels themselves were not bad, and definitely better than the "Gone With the Wind" treatments that were there previously (see below picture for proof). However, they were not long enough and really accentuated the fact that our bedroom windows are kind of, well....squatty. 

Anywhooooo, so I decided to jump on the drop cloth for curtains bandwagon that has been going through the blogosphere, and went off to Home Depot (because they are rumored to have the BEST drop cloth for curtains around- even better than my beloved, Lowes). I came home with four 6x9 drop cloths curtain panels. As instructed, I washed, partially dried, and then ironed them. I hung them from cheap curtain rods and clips, also from the home depot. And I really like them (I need to add more rings to the panels on the right window. Pretend that they look like the left ones, okay?! Thaaanks.) 

 So I like them. I do. I really do! But do you see my problem? I am sure you do, my dear bloggies. They are exactly the same just a little too close in color to the wall. Yup. Sad day in the Brewer house. I think paint is required....
 But my question is: WHAT SHOULD I PAINT??? I mean, I could paint the curtains. Or I could paint the wall as an accent wall. Or I could paint the whole room (which would be a huge pain in the rear and probably cause a stink with the hubs).
 And if I do paint the wall as an accent wall, do I paint the tray part of the tray ceiling (that is the current wall color?) Or leave it be?
Whatever I decide to paint,  I think I am going to paint it the same color as that rust colored pillow on my bed. Which you cannot really see because I am sure my camera is on the wrong setting as I am a horrid photographer. But I love that color!
And yes, if you read Thrifty Decor Chick's blog, you know I straight up copied her bedding. Which is from Target. To be fair, I totally could have found that bedding on my own at Target whilst wondering around as I do so often! I didn't. But I could have!!! ;)

So anyway- VOTE, leave your comments, but I need your HELP!!!!!



Leah said...

I like the accent wall idea, but I think if you paint an accent wall you might leave the tray ceiling alone. I would anyway. Just my suggestion, but you're WAAAAAY more creative and artistic than I. So feel free to disregard anything said in this comment. :)

Lori said...

That is a tough one...but my vote would be to paint the window wall the accent color. That way it would contrast nicely with your curtain panels. I think if you painted the whole room that rust color it would be too much. And I think I would also leave the tray part of the ceiling alone. Then just find some accessories or wall art in the rust color to place on the other side of the room to bring it all together!

lovecrafts said...

Love it! thanks for sharing.