Monday, October 24, 2011

And in THIS corner, we have...

I mentioned in my last post about working on a therapy area for Ava. It will be going into the craft room, and I am so excited to paint and make it a cute, fun area for her to play and work and learn. I have mentioned before that Ava LOVES therapy, so I am hoping that she will also love working with me at home! And I hope that having this area will help us if we ever decide to do her OT and PT here at the house. We do her Speech here now, and apparently I have a reputation to uphold! HA! Her ST Nicole was bragging on me about how I have every toy in the world and how she doesn't even have to bring her bag in. :)
I really want Ava's Therapy area to be bright and fun, and I do have a thing for owls. I bought some fun wall decals at Home Goods the other day, and I am looking oh so forward to hanging them on the wall!!!

I might also paint some on the wall, and maybe have around the room, just under the crown moulding, say "Whoooo's ready to play and learn?" Or something fun and owlish like that.

Cole and I were talking the other day, and when we didn't get the house *we* wanted, this house, we knew that we were being protected from it for a reason. This had happened before when we bought our old house but had wanted to buy another. And so when it happened this time, we just knew that the Lord wanted us in a different house for a reason. NOW we know what that reason is! The house we wanted had a big, long staircase up to all of the secondary bedrooms, this house doesn't. That house, while it had about 200sqft more, had smaller rooms (just a couple more) and fitting a therapy area in one of the extra rooms would have been a challenge for sure. And that home's backyard was not nearly as big and open as our new backyard, a place that will be great for Ava to run and play and exercise safely one of these days!

Speaking of our new house, I am getting it ready to host Thanksgiving! I am so excited- this will be my first big holiday to host, and I think that it is fitting, because our family really does have so much to be thankful for this year! Cole will be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, and I am so glad! I hate holidays when he has to be gone.

I am also (as I type) waiting on the granite lady to call me back and see when I can go to the stone yard. I can't wait to do something *not* AS related. Bad? Ava's therapy schedule and care consume my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. But for the last 7 days, since Dr. Burns called and gave the diagnosis, my thoughts have been consumed too. AS is all I can think about. And in thinking about it, I have decided that we can look at it two ways- 1.We can have an Angelman child, or 2. We can have a child, who happens to have AS. And the latter is definitely the way we must approach this. Because Ava is a blessing, the magnitude of which we haven't even begun to comprehend, and she is first and foremost, our child.


Leah said...

I personally can't WAIT to see your finished project for Ava's therapy area. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Girl,
After I read yout blog lastnight I did some research on Angelman Syndrom. They have a childrens book about it that I thought you might like called " Jade and The Walking Stick." You can purchase the book on Amazon ( I put the link bellow)

I hope you have had a good day.

The Brewers said...

Thank you Michelle! That is very sweet!!! I actually have already ordered that book for her Christmas! The guy who wrote it is from Texas (Austin I think) and his daughter has AS. She started walking the week the book was released!!!

Becky Clubbs said...

A poem I read sometime after Talmage was diagnosed said something like - God chooses parents of special kids who are just selfish enough. That has really stayed with me. You can be a great mom and make time for yourself. Hope you are doing well!