Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's the Little Things...

I think, as a parent, anytime your child does something or understands something for the first time, it is a joyous occasion. But if your child has a disorder like AS, or even just unspecified developmental delays, every little accomplishment is a HUGE deal!!!
Well, we had one of those HUGE deals today! Today was the first time - EVER - that I communicated with my child and she actually understood and responded in a way that made me realize, "HEY! She is listening and really gets it!"

She woke up feeling puny, so we decided to cancel OT and head to the doctor's office instead. Turns out, she has another ear infection (second in a month! Poor girl!). But I had put her clothes on her, and was sitting facing her on the floor, socks in hand. She reached for me to take her, but I told her "not yet sweet girl, we still need to put your socks on!" And she looked at me, smiled, and held her foot up for me to put her sock on!!! Then she did the other foot, too!!!

Now many of you, especially if you have a typical child or no children, might not understand why this is such a big deal to me! But I hugged her! I laughed! I cried! I called Cole and my mom! Just as any other mommy would have done if their child had taken a first step or said a first word. Because this was an amazing moment in my child's development!!!

I don't think you can understand how HARD a child with special needs works on development until you see them struggle past hurdles and accomplish goals. And we have accomplished so many goals since beginning therapy- it is just amazing! I thank the Lord each day for the team of therapists, specialists, and physicians that He has placed along our AS path! They are all so special to this mommy's heart!

And I leave you with a random Ava father-in-law had come down with my grandmother-in-law to see us the other night, and he brought his new Australian Shepard puppy, Foster. He owns a cattle ranch and his dogs are working dogs, but we like them to be family friendly too. I don't think Foster will have ANY problems with that! In fact, if he doesn't work out on the Ranch, we want him!! He is so sweet and smart and really well behaved for a 9 week old puppy! And he LOVES Ava. He followed her around the whole time. She was less interested in him, although I think they could have some super fun wrestling matches if they wanted to! HA!

Sorry the picture is so blurry! Between an angel baby, a 9 week old toddler, and an almost dead camera,
this was the best I could get!! LOL! Foster is the prettiest Aussie puppy I have ever seen! His eyes are almost green, and he is brown/tan/white tricolored. Beautiful dog!
Also, I have recently ordered a couple of books about raising and thriving with a special needs child. I will post book reviews for any interested after I get them read. You know, in my "spare" time! HA!


Lauren said...

Hooray, Ava! Rachel, Spencer has a speech disorder called Apraxia. I know exactly what you mean about being thrilled at the breakthroughs! What a great day. =)

Donna_Realtor said...

Hi Rachel,
I'm not sure you receive my post after reading your blog informing your friends and family about Angelmen syndrome. But it was profoundly touching. Thanks for sharing all the "little" miracles with us. God is good.
Love to all,