Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Well, Fall officially started today! And I am STOKED! I love Fall. The crisp morning air, the leaves beginning their slow change, pumpkins and mums adorning front porches!!

Earlier this week, I started decorating the front of our house for Fall. This is our first fall here, so I was just feeling out where I wanted things to go.

This was a Pinterest project. I have a metal pumpkin in the attic that I was going to use, but I couldn't bear to paint it. This one was $15 at garden ridge, and was a little sad looking by itself. So I added the dots and the name. :) Note: Corrugated metal is NOT your friend on such projects! That is why the name is a little screwy! Oh well! I might paint it orange and begin again next year! ;)
What I had so far. We just got these new carriage lights hung. LOVE THEM! I am still really stuck on a door color. But I am just about tired of thinking about it, so I think I might just paint it black (or maybe use Anne Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite) and see what happens. It's only paint, right?!
That space to the left there is where I want to put a bench. I will have to work on that so that I can add some adorable "trick or treat" outdoor pillows I found on Pinterest. Which reminds me, I need to find some outdoor pillows on sale! HA !

Using my canvas again this year. Not gonna lie, I am thinking about adding the big white polkadots to the outside purple border. Thoughts? If you can't tell, I am loving polkadots right now! :)

Speaking of polkadots- this was another Pinterest idea. The blog that the picture linked to wasn't actually about the girl's dotted planters, but I fell in love! I just dig how they bring a touch of whimsy and fun to an otherwise very traditional front entryway.
I bought the planters for 50% off at Garden Ridge, and painted the dots on when I got home. Like, AS SOON AS I got home!

The ghost and candycorn stakes are also from garden ridge.
$4 each. Yes, please!
They had pumpkins, too.
(excuse the dirt patch. we have a drainage issue that I am addressing now)
The mums are all from Lowes. Good prices and pretty mums! I have them placed so that the sprinkler will hit them each morning. Hope this keeps them alive! Ha! The red pot is just a terracotta pot from Walmart that I spray painted red.

Happy Fall!!!


Lori said...

Very cute!!! Love the planters! I really wish we had a Garden Ridge in our area! And I am headed to Lowes for mums tomorrow!!