Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Where You Live- Bathrooms

Today is Friday, and thus another Show Us Where You Live Friday!!! Enjoy the tour...

We begin our tour in our guest/hall bath. This blue and white theme was the hubs doing. It was the only thing he wanted to register for when we got married (well that and the fancy-shmancy coffee grinder/pot). It's not really my taste but it has grown on me. Lots of work to do in here. I should mention that we are planning on painting the vanities, and putting down the granite tile from the kitchen in both bathrooms. We are about to lay down the bamboo floor in here too. The paint and tile will be next summer...the floor will be next week!

I have had the little indoor/outdoor table and frame for years. My sister bought it for me when I was in jr. high. But it works so well in here! The frame has been dropped so many times, all the glass is gone, but hey, who cares!!! By the way, I do NOT recommend white bathmats.

And now on to the master...

This is a great little door hanger I got at StienMart. 3.00 and the perfect colors!!!
This was a wedding gift from some friend's of ours. It is beautiful and is perfect in here!

I can't believe I am showing the INSIDE of my closet! This is the linen closet...the only closet in our house that is consistantly organized and neat. Thanks in large part to our baskets! My makeup hangs on the door, and my jewelry box is in there too. Baskets hold washclothes, lotions/perfumes, hair stuff, meds, and other odds-n-ends. The towels are there on the top shelf...hubs isn't allowed to fold them. He doesn't do it right. :)

Here is the view walking in. It was hard to get a great picture because of the odd shape of the room. The color is Kilz Chocolate Indulgence. I wanted something dark and rich, and this is it!!! Everyone said I was crazy going that dark, but I love it!!! (and now they admit they like it too...these people need to learn to trust me!!!)

The "Business" area. You will note the hamper is pulled away from the counter...this is because our little Brussells Griffion Hugo likes to jump up onto the counter from the hamper. A basket on the back of the toilet holds reading materials and a diffuser, for those "long business trips."
Our vanity. The only thing I like about this is the double sinks. Again, we are going to paint the vanity and lay granite tile on the countertop.
These gems were a HobLob find...on mega sale. I think I paid like $2 each? They were black but that didn't work against the dark wall, so enter my brushed nickel spray paint! Now they proudly hang above our closet case we forget who's is who's...

I just love my shower curtian...
This beauty was at a place we have called "the worlds largest garage sale." It is sort of an overstock designer store. I thought it was so pretty...lots of movement. And I love sticks. They add some texture and drama.

I hope you enjoyed my bathroom tour!!! Stop by next week to see my beautiful laundry room!!!


BOWquet said...

very pretty and creative! Love the colors!

Melissa said...

I love seeing where people live! :) I like the shower curtain and sticks especially

Rachel said...

Freaky. I just happened upon your blog while googling for glass tile mosaic backsplashes. My name is also Rachel. I also have a reno-blog:

And I ALSO have and LOVE that shower curtain!