Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wait...what time is it?

oh yes...time to clean. Now my house is still a construction zone, although I am assured I will have a kitchen back by the end of June (fingers crossed!). But my father-in-law has to have surgery tomorrow, and would like to come down with his girlfriend and spend the night tonight so he doesn't have to get up insanely early tomorrow. And I am totally okay with that. But now I am in panic mode. Cole is back up at AT and isn't coming home for the surgery. So I am in full-on panic mode!!! How do you host company without a kitchen or really any "guest quarters" to speak of? Seriously...both of our guests rooms are storage right now, the hall bath is a kitchen (if you think I am kidding, there is a watermelon in the bathtub. No joke.), and our master is the only semi-normal room, although it is super dusty- as is every surface in our house these days!!! My craft desk is now the computer desk since the office is still out of commission, so my craft stuff I have been working on is on the dining room table. WOW. I have a lot to do! My plan is to FORCE my guests to take my bedroom (sheets are already changed and everything!) and I will crash either on the couch or in the guest room if I can dig it out by then. Sigh...Okay. I gotta go. So much to do, so little time to do it!!!

Peace Out!