Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Day, another trip to Hobby Lobby!

So my dad had to work today, so I went shopping! I know, you are shocked!! So I finished my cross wall, and am really excited about how it turned out. And my door art for my outside entry way came in, so here are some pictures of that too. I really welcome any feedback or criticism. Really. It is so helpful!!!

Here is the cross wall unfinished. I had two of the crosses, and wasn't sure how many I would need. Turned out, I needed more!!!

Here is the cross wall finished. I LOVE it!!!! I was a little unsure when I first started the project, but I think it turned out great. And the best part....the crosses were all on sale at Hobby Lobby! Some even 50-66% off!!! Whoohoo for saving some green!

Here is my entry way. I like it but I am worried it's looking a bit cluttered. Thoughts???

I found the lantern at Tuesday Morning for cheap cheap cheap! The rug is Lowes.

It is hard to see, but the basket has a star on it. It is Garden Ridge, and the big star was a gift from my Aunt Nancy.

This came from www.scribbleitonline.com. I LOVE it, and it was only 10$ plus S&H. Not bad!!!

And now, some Rachel Randomness...

My flowers. I love them, and they love me! Well, they haven't died yet and it's been over a month. A good sign in my book!!! The pot was on mega discount at I Like It All, a local metal and pot store. It is damaged on one side, but I don't really care about that because I am going to bury that side and plant a crawling ground cover coming out of it. It was only $8.00!!!!

This is a small version of a rug I want for my new kitchen. The colors are perfect! I have narrowed it down to this or a simple Jute rug (I love the grass rugs, but A. Hugo would eat it, and B. I think it's too casual for our new space). But how do you feel about rugs in kitchens? I want it to protect the floors, be a soft space for the pups who live in there when we are gone, and help with the slipperyness of the new floors. Thoughts???

And my final thought...I thought I would share the room that has really kept me sane and been my sanctuary during this renovation: our master bedroom. I love it!!!

Have a wonderful evening!!!!


Jessica said...

I like it all!