Friday, June 19, 2009

Prayers for a Sweet Baby

I am asking all of my dear blogger friends to please say a prayer for our friends "S and E", and their new baby (who happens to be *smiles goofily with excitement* our god-daughter). They have been working on adopting her for about 7 months or so, and she is finally here and in their arms. But they have to wait an agonizing 10 days before things are final, which will be on Tuesday at 5:00 pm. Please say a prayer that things will go smoothly. S and E are wonderful friends and are going to be awesome parents to this lucky little girl. We already love her so much, and pray that God would allow the adoption finalization to go smoothly and to calm S and E. I know they are nervous and worried, as we all would be.

I just wanted to share a picture of the sweet little angel...her daddy and my husband are both pilots, and I bought this bib right after Cole and I were married. I didn't really have plans for it, I just liked it. When S and E told us that they were adopting, I immediatly went to the hall closet, got the bib, and gave it to them. It makes me so happy for them that now there is a baby wearing it....even if it is a little boy-ish. Her mom tagged this photo for me on Facebook, saying that "Yeah, she can fly too!" Indeed she can!!! And no worries...I am buying her so much pink that she won't have any shortage of girly things to wear!!!

Thank you all for your prayers!!!