Sunday, June 7, 2009

A couple of big praises!

I have decided that I complain too much about Cole being gone. He is gone because he wants to provide for our family and there just isn't the opportunity to do so close to home right now. So instead of complaining, I am going to try, each Sunday, to make note of at least one praise that happened during the week. And as it happens, I have two this week!

So many of you (all 5 of you...) know that my father-in-law was recently hospitalized with serious trauma after an accident involving one of his horses. We are not sure what happened because his memory about the accident is fuzzy, but Kent sustained a broken cheek bone, several large gashes to the face, and a broken vertebra. Thankfully, no lasting damage was done with the broken neck. How lucky and blessed he was!

And my good friend Jamie married my cousin Matt last night! This was a long time coming. They will have been together three years this August. I introduced them, and tease them about my finders fee. But the reality is that God brought them together...I was just lucky enough to be used by Him to do so!

Have a blessed day!


Leigh Ann said...

I have been in such a bad mood all day thinking about Derek being gone so much, especially the upcoming 4-week school he has. Thanks for the reminder. I really needed it today.

The Brewers said...

I need it just about every day, girl!!!