Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show Us Where You Live- Offices

So I am currently stalking, er, I mean following Kelly over at Kelly's Korner. I LOVE her blog! She hosts "Show Us Where You Live Fridays", and mostly my house is a total wreck because of the current reno, but I did have an old picture of our office, so I thought I would share!

This is the picture of the office before we moved in. I feel this is a good time to share a little about our house. It was a complete cosmetic fixer. Every wall was flat white (and poorly painted to boot!). All of the light fixtures and hardware were out of date. One word- BRASS! I think I have finally rid the entire house of that nasty finish! The office area is right off of our kitchen (which is connected to the formal dining room) and is really intended to be a breakfast nook. But we didn't really have a need for two dining areas, and although we did have an extra bedroom aside from our guest room, we really wanted to leave that space open for a workout room and eventually a baby (yeah, that whole workout room thing didn't work turned into our junk/storage room).

And here is a sort-of after. This photo was taken some time ago. We are in the process of renovating our house, and this room now has blond bamboo floors. But it isn't put back together, so this is the best I could do. Please know that my rooms really do usually look better than this!!! :) Also, the picture I wish I had to show you is on my husband's laptop, which is with my husband, who at work.

Yeah, that little corner back there...that is our office nook. But it is great! My husband, who is a commercial pilot, does a lot of computer courses and pilot-y stuff there, so when I cook...or microwave....we can still talk and be together. I think it will be great when we have kids too...I can keep an eye on them and their computer activities! Please excuse the ugly cabinets. They are now resting in peace in a dumpster somewhere.

Since I am just now jumping on this bandwagon, I thought I would post just a few pictures from the rest of our abode. I am always changing things, so it looks very different from when these were taken. But the layout is basically the same. Just some window treatments here, some paint there...and lots of new accessories!

This is our guest bedroom. I struggled with a color on this for a while, and finally settled on Fiery Steel from Kilz. I have since added some more lime accessories, but I am still not loving it. I am thinking of painting a light blue and changing the lime to light blue to make it a softer space. Thoughts?

The bed is an antique iron bed that has been in my family for decades. My grandmother used to sleep on it when she was a little girl! It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture! The wicker has been around a while too. I like it because it is dainty and a good size for the space. I have also now added art above the bed.

This is our living room. That coffee table was a $10 craigslist find. I just painted it black with spray paint and replaced the knobs on the drawer. Good as new! We have window treatments now. I don't like naked windows, but the wallet doesn't like buying curtians all at once. What's a girl to do!
That is my favorite light fixture that we have put in our house. Hubs calls it the "cow udder" fan, but I love it! My fireplace looks so different now!
This room now also has the bamboo floors. We love them. Our dogs are not's more like an ice skating rink to them now! Hope you enjoyed my home! Can't wait to show you the after pictures from the reno!!!!


Lauren@ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Our dogs hate the bamboo too! :) It looks great! I wanted to post something... anything... on Kelly's tour but unfortunately Brad and I have torn something up in literally every. room. in the house. You could fix your naked windows with some "window mistreatments" from The Nesting Place Blog haha... We have napkins on ours thanks to her!

tiarastantrums said...

that is a cool little nook back there for a desk area - and I adore that guest bedroom!!

Roeshel said...

I love your guest room! It's so pretty! :)
Have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

I love the little nook for an office!! And you cook like I do LOL what would we do without a microwave ??? Thank you for sharing.

Lindsey said...

I love the black and white...we have the same in our guest room. You asked where I got the dept. store rolls of wrapping paper: My husband's family owned a department store for about 100 years and they closed it a couple years ago...his dad let me get whatever I wanted out of the wrapping room!!

Leigh Ann said...

Kelly is my suitemate from college, and I adore her. I wanted to participate in the tour but just haven't had time. Your floors and your entire house looks great. You have done so many amazing things to it!!

The Brewers said...

Thank you ladies, for your sweet comments!

Leigh Ann, Kelly was your roommate...between the two of you, y'all must have had the cutest room EVER!!! She seems like such a neat person. I just love her blog!

Charity said...

Hey If you put a solid color spread on your bed and folded the patterned one up at the foot it would help "soften" up the look. I think it helps to break up the pattern with bedding. The blue would be pretty, but try a lime spread first since you already have lime accessories.