Friday, June 19, 2009

A Kitchen Update...

Well, I would guess we are at about 75% complete. All of the "internal" stuff (water, electric, pesky pocket doors...) is finished, and now the "pretty" stuff is going to be happening!!! I can't wait!!! But I wouldn't mind some advice, so feel free to help me out!!! :)

Here is the glass tile laid over the bar backsplash. The entire bar backsplash is the glass tile. But it was going to be about $1000.00 to do the entire thing in glass, so the rest of the backsplash (on the wall) is going to be a glass tile accent with porcelain tiles. The porcelain was chosen for it's durability and ease of cleaning (but the cost wasn't too bad either!). Here you see the grainte tile with the glass. The granite tile will be the countertop surface. I just have to brag a moment about my granite tile. It was an estate sale find...just $1.00/sqft!!!! I found an online wholsaler that was selling this same granite tile for more than $13.00/sqft! Not too bad!!!

Another shot of the bar backsplash. The countertop of the bar will be the granite. We got enough to do the kitchen and both bathrooms. And maybe the shower surround. But those projects are all a LONG way off!

A larger view of the bar. It is angled on both sides. Bottom right (about where the clipboard is) will be the sink.

Speaking of the sink, this is my "mac daddy" faucet. It was on sale too. But it was still like $240! No way would I have ever splurged on anything like this at full price! And to me, $200 bucks for a faucet is a little crazy. But the whole "it's on sale" thing I guess made the price seem better! And just look at it...I call it the "jewel on top of the crown" when talking to Cole. I can hear him roll his eyes over the phone!!!

And since good 'ole Cole has been so nice and understanding about this whole kitchen project, I decided he needed a little something special! So this is his new 12" under cabinet mount TV and radio. Thank you Target...they are the only place I have found that carry them! Not even Best Buy had the TV kind!

This is the side of the bar. Is it weird that it just kinda ends? We were going to angle the bar off to the wall there, but A. it would limit access to my cabinet and drawer there, B. it would take up useable countertop space, and C. that corner is where the TV is going to live, so it won't block the view of the tv to the table (not that we watch tv while we, we don't do that!)

Again the bar. Room for two. I have already bought my barstools! I can't wait!

Stay tuned!!! More pictures to come...soon I hope!


Lori said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I see that you are building....we had so much fun with our house. I love the tile you picked out. Can't wait to see how it all turns out...hope u dont mind if I come back to see!

The Brewers said...


PLEASE come back! I love visitors- both physical and online!!! We are actually not building as much as "re-building"! To the right there you will see what the kitchen looked like before. I hope to be posting finished (or at least 95% finished) pictures in a week or two. Stay tuned...

And thanks for following!

Jessica Morris said...

NICE!! I love those tiles and WHAT a deal you got!! Can't wait to see it all done :)

We are dreaming about redoing our kitchen now, but it'll be a few years down the road before we tackle it!

The Brewers said...

Good luck Jessica. I "knew" what a pain it was to live without a kitchen...when I was away at college, my parents did it. But living without a kitchen for any length of time is not fun...even for someone like me who doesn't cook! But I am hoping that I will like it now that I have a lovely new kitchen to cook in!!! And I can't wait to show you the finished product either! Trust me!!! :)