Saturday, August 25, 2012

Show Us Where You Live: LAUNDRY

Kelly is hosting another Show Us Where You Live Friday over at her blog, and this week it is all about the LAUNDRY ROOM! Now, I will say, our laundry room is nothing to write home about...YET. I do have big plans for this room, but because I am having to do two kids rooms at once, the laundry room (and the board and batten I want for the dining room) are on the back burner for a bit. And that is okay. My babies come first, and so do their rooms! But I will get to it. Eventually!

I first wanted to share our laundry room before & after's from our old house. You see, friends, I am no stranger to laundry room makeovers!!! HAHA!

Here is our OLD laundry room, BEFORE the makeover:

The space was functional. But not pretty at all!!!

The space was large, and doubled as our pantry area/kitchen storage. Not ideal, but we made it work.
And now, the OLD laundry room AFTER the makeover:

I re purposed the shelf into a folding counter of sorts, so we still had a bar to hang clothes as well.

Baskets above the shelves were the most economical solution to clean up our storage area and make it more organized and pretty!

The biggest addition was the pantry cabinet that we added. I later painted the top cabinet raised panel with chalkboard paint to make a fun kroger list/menu area!

We did that makeover at the same time we did our kitchen makeover, so the costs were all kind of rolled into one. Honestly, I had pretty much every thing I needed. The biggest expenses were the pantry cabinet, the baskets, and a quart of accent paint. Very inexpensive but a lot more practical and a huge impact!!!

Now here are the BEFORE pictures from our NEW house!!!

See. Nothin' special. Lots of potential, but not pretty at all! That will change! Eventually! And when it does, I will do a post about it!!! Stay tuned!!!


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I'm stopping by for a visit from Kelly's Korner today.
Now, I would love to have a pantry again. We currently keep our small appliances in the linen closet, in the second bathroom.