Sunday, August 12, 2012

Archer's Pottery Barn (knock-off) Airplane

Those that are on FB with me know that I have been working on a large piece of art for Archer's vintage aviation room. It all started when I saw this beauty in a PB catalog several months ago...

I loved it! But, I didn't love the price! So I kept it stowed away in my mind, wondering how I could recreate it should the need arise. Well, as it happened, Archer turned out to be a boy, and I knew that it would look fabulous in his room. But I also knew that spending $300 on this would mean he wouldn't have anything else in his room. SO, I started where I always start: GOOGLE.

After google and Pinterest, I found this tutorial! I was thrilled! Not only did she explain how to do it, she provided the images ready to go! SO EXCITED! I printed the images, and started playing. My first attempt didn't go so well. I failed to print the images correctly (I will explain that one in a minute) and I couldn't get the missing image to print. I also wasn't able to get modge podge to transfer the image like she did. I still don't know what I was doing wrong, but obviously it was something. So back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, I went off to Lowes to find my boards. It was funny because there were about 6 women with kids in tow in the lumber section. I have some building and handyman experience, so I knew right where I was going, but the sales guy asked if he could help me find anything. I laughed and said I knew what I was going for, but asked if Pinterest has created a whole new demographic of customer for him! He laughed, and said "Ah, Pinterest. Yes ma'am, it sure has!" HAHAHA!!!!

So after getting my boards and painting them, and after a few days of thinking on it, I realized what I did wrong when printing the images. I had printed them "fit to frame" which distorted the sizes of many of them. So I reprinted them. I also spent a little more time playing with the missing image and was able to print it. Here it is as a .jpeg to save you the headache I had. If you do this project, you will need to print this!!!

But I still needed to figure out how to transfer the image. After more googling, I decided on using a gel medium transfer technique. But this required that I use photocopied (basically laserjet ink) because it needed to not run when wet. So my lovely mom photocopied the images for me, and off I went!!!

I honestly didn't take the time to take pictures to do my own "tutorial" because Michelle at Cre8tive Outlet did such a good job! But here is my process and supply list if you are interested in doing it the way I did.

List of materials & appx cost:
*4 pieces of lauan plywood, 24"x24", at Lowes, about $3.50/ea
*gel medium from craft store art dept, mine was $27 at HobLob, and I had a 40% off coupon.
*printed images (do NOT print to frame)
*copies of printed pages from photocopier.
*charcoal pencil
*acrylic paint for background, if desired. I think you could probably go straight to wood if you wanted, but don't hold me to that!

1. Paint your wood. I used a tan paint with a watered down brown wash over it. I also scored the boards like Michelle did, to give it more of that "plank" look.

2. Print off your images and photocopy. Then trim the edges and piece them together, tape together on back. I used painters tape. It's easier if you leave the white spaces on and only trim the boarder area. After you get the image taped together, cut it out.

3. Lay your image face down on the boards (which should be butted against each other) and cut them in 4 pieces. Be sure to keep the pieces in the same place after cutting so that they will "match up" after you are done.

4. Brush the gel medium on the boards and press the paper onto them evenly, getting all of the air out. Let it dry for a couple of days.

5. After its dried for a few days, then comes the fun & messy part!!! Get a rag & bowl of water. Soak the paper and use an old gift card or credit card to scrap off the paper, leaving the ink. You will have to repeat this process several times to get all of the paper off.

6. After all of your paper is off, you can take a charcoal pencil and "clean up" any areas you want to. Michelle also went over her's with her brown wash to cut some of the purple out of the ink. But with this method, being photocopied, it cuts out this step. Unless you just want to do it! :)

And voila! You have PB style art for pennies on the dollar!!!! Super easy and cheap! Have fun! And don't tell your husband's I told you how to do this!

TIP: I worked on my dining room table, with a plastic painting drop cloth over it. This is great for the scraping process, because when it is over, you can just throw it ALL away!!!


Anonymous said...

SO how do I pring off the Images??

Anonymous said...

so how do I print the photos??

CreativeNewbie said...

did the images look really 'fuzzy' when you printed them out? I've printed them out at the correct scaling (ie no scaling, 8 x 8 squares), but they look very low resolution - is this OK??

Gosia said...

The last image is so small how do I print it to the correct size? Also, do you have image 10 saved anywhere?