Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ava and Archer's Rooms

So, truth??? I have been planning Archer's nursery since before he was a glimmer in my eye! As soon as we saw his little "boy part" on that ultrasound screen, my mind started racing toward how I wanted his nursery to look.

I knew that, boy or girl, I wanted to do what I call a "subtle aviation" theme. No teddy bears flying cartoon airplanes or anything. Just simple, subtle nods to Cole's profession and our lives. Because anyone who is married to a pilot knows that aviation isn't just a job or a career, it is a lifestyle for the entire family.

I had been planning both nurseries before the ultrasound, and they pretty much looked the same in my mind- one in Navy and White, and one is Pink and White. Here are my ideas for the nursery...

I am planning on painting the top half of his walls navy, like this sweet aviation room. Source

The bottom half of his walls will be white board and batten treatment, like this. It will come to just below the light switches. His room has 12' ceilings, so we might take it higher, not sure yet. Source
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This is the bedding I plan on using (unless I change my mind!). It is the Harper Bedding in Navy from PBK. The mobile here is from Restoration Hardware I think, but other online stores have them as well. We will certainly have one in Archer's room! Love it! www.pinterest.com
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I am going to frame Cole's flight patches like this person has done. I want to use white frames and white matting so that it really stands out against the blue. www.pinterest.com
I am going to get model airplanes and have them around the room. I also want to get this frame from HobLob for his room! I love it! Source
nted wood letters come in many heights and thicknesses.
I am planning on getting wooden letters that spell his name, and modge podging an old aviation map of his daddy's over the letters, so that instead of painting them, they will be aviation map print. Source
I am in love with the overall feel of this room and it is my #1 inspiration room! Plus, with it's ceiling height and dark furniture, it reminds me very much of Archer's room. The art in this room above the crib is from PB. It is about $300. I am going to do a knock off version for about $30 to hang above his closet doors. That tutorial can be found here. Source

And I haven't forgotten about BIG SISTER Ava's room either!!! My dad is building her a big girl enclosed bed, because we just couldn't find one that was pretty and looked like it could hold up to her over the years. Because we are designing it, I don't have a photo. BUT, we used this built in bed as our design inspiration...

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From www.houzz.com

We are planning on painting her room a limeish green color, and use this bedding...

Dena™ Home Moroccan Garden Quilt, 100% Cotton
Moroccan Garden Bedding from Bed Bath and Beyond

I am using this dresser as inspiration to rehab a dresser for her room too! I can't wait to finish it (or at least finish sanding! Sheesh!)!!! 

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I can't wait to show off the after pictures of both rooms! Hopefully in a few months, they will both be ready! HAHA! Who am I kidding! ;)


Megan said...

They have some amazing silver helicopters and planes at Kohl's. You should definitely look there!!

The Brewers said...

Thank you!!! I for sure will!!!!

Jessica said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!! I can't wait to see your pictures when it is all done!

The Ritchie Crew said...

Love the bedding for Ava;)

The Brewers said...

LOL! Well Sirron, I had a WONDERFUL lady tell me where I could find it! ;)