Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mudroom in Garage???

So I am still daydreaming of a mudroom area in our garage. I keep seeing them all over the blogosphere. Peeps like me with homes built before the mudroom craze are adding them in their garages. And seeing how Kim over at the Money Pit did her's makes me want one even more! We really have the ideal place for it, and I think it would be SOOOOO wonderfully useful. But here is my question..


Yes, that is a serious question. I have had a long running fear of spiders in my shoes. I beat them in my closet before I put them on. Ever since I was a kid and heard about a woman dying because she go bitten by a brown recluse that was in her shoe, I have been paranoid. And we do have icky spiders in our garage. So would they nest up in our shoes???
Serious question people. SERIOUS. 


Mollie said...

Once had a mudroom, yes we had spiders. I never got one in my shoe that I was aware of but I did see them in the corners of the room or snug up hiding near the baseboards. It was still nice though to take your shoes off there and not trek dirt, grass, leaves in the house. VERY NICE when we had snow/ice and we could take all the wet clothes and shoes off without hitting the carpet first.