Thursday, August 16, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Okay y'all. I am typically a very decisive person when it comes to how I want a room to look. I tend to have a vision and work towards it. But, be it hormones or whatever, I cannot make a decision on Archer's crib bedding to save my life!!! Not that big of a deal, I know. But seriously...this is what has been keeping me up nights lately. I don't know why, but it is just consuming my every thought!

I think because when I did Ava's room, I started to regret the fabric choices. Not that it wasn't adorable. But it was so busy and I got tired of it so fast. Plus, I started Pinterest, which is idea overload and makes it difficult for me to commit to anything!

So I decided (I think) against the Harper bedding from PBK. This bedding...

Not that it isn't still adorable. But there were a couple of things I was unsure of, the least of which was having white baby bedding. That just seems like it is asking for a mental breakdown. The other thing is that it is just too crisp and white for the look I want. Which is vintage. Old. Worn. I want new bedding that looks like it could have been his grandfather's. Which really only left me with one choice. Restoration Hardware. My wallet just ran screaming from my house.

So I found some that I *think* I am going to use from Restoration Hardware. Here is the plan, as it stands today...

This is the fabric we are going to make his bed skirt out of...


It is actually a sheet set from Restoration Hardware's Kid's collection. They (sadly and for unknown reasons) don't use it in any baby bedding.

I am going to pair it with a navy toddler quilt, also from RH, and some off white or navy sheets. Probably will order those from Amazon, since the ones from RH are super expensive for something that I will need several of!

This is the bumper (and actually the quilt, too) that I am considering for his room...


You will just have to use your imagination as to what it will look like with the crib skirt we are making. But I can't decide if I want to use that, or go with a denim bumper like this one that I found online...


I really like the idea of the denim one, but I don't know if that would be too much blue in his crib- blue bumper, blue sheet, blue walls....

Regardless, this is the mobile for his room-


I think I am going to copy what was done in my favorite inspiration room, and hang this over either his changing table or the glider chair. I also want to hang a few metal planes from the ceiling. I scored a heck of a deal on some that a friend of a friend was selling (three for $25!) so I was able to return a few I bought (at full price) to HobLob. I was super excited about that!!!

So that is where I stand now. What do y'all think??? RH striped bumper or denim bumper???


Leah said...

I like the look of the denim. As long as it's not an overpowering THIS WAS MADE FROM BLUE JEANS look. If that makes sense. I also like the thought of having it look vintage rather than crisp white.