Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's A....

Well after a little bit of drama on Thursday (original ultrasound appointment got cancelled so we had to find another place that could get us in to do an elective!), we got to see our sweet little baby yesterday afternoon!!! B2 was so sweet, and kicking mommy the whole time!!! B2 was also not shy ONE BIT!!! B2 let us know right away that....


We are so excited to welcome little Archer (middle name still undecided) Brewer to our family!!! He was much more calm than his sister during her ultrasounds, and much more cooperative. I am hoping that says something about his personality! Haha!!!

Cole was making me laugh as we were leaving! I told him that I thought he would be giddy that he was having a son! He said that he is excited, but that he had kind of hoped that I would be wrong! I knew with Ava and I pretty much knew with this baby, although I hated to come out and say it. But all I could look at and think about were boy things. It was a different kind of knowing, but I still knew.

I am still a little scared about having a boy. Much more overwhelming I think than having a girl! But still so excited and blessed!

I will share the photos from our little gender reveal gathering soon, but for now, here are the pictures from Archer's first photo shoot! Well, except the one of him at 8 weeks looking all bean like! Sorry some of them are not straight. I am a bad scanner!

Archer's sweet little profile.

Archer looking at the camera. Still a little skeleton baby at 20 weeks, but the cutest skeleton ever!

Proof. He was very willing to show that off! We are in trouble!

Long little legs! Looks like he could be another tall boy!

Our sweet BOY!
I also wanted to just explain his name, Archer. Archer is my maiden name. My Daddy is my grandfather's only son, and my dad only had daughters. So I always knew that, if I ever had a boy, I was going to name him Archer so that I could honor both my Daddy and my Pa Jim, and carry on the Archer name for at least one more generation. I like to think that my Pa Jim is looking down from Heaven and smiling, knowing that this baby is partly named after him! And I know my dad is happy! Though I am not sure if it is because of the name or because he gets a 4th grandson!!!


Lauren said...

I'm so excited for you, Rachel! You are gonna LOVE being a momma to a little boy. They hold your heart in a totally different way (not better or worse--just different.) =) I loved his precious little pictures. Congratulations!