Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Skirt for a Party

I have been tirelessly working on getting Ava's birthday party put together, and I think it is coming along. Although I am sad that some precious lollypops I ordered may or may not be delivered in time. Oh well.

But one thing that has really been bothering me is the "main table." I am always a little envious of those beautiful party tables you see on pinterest, but I didn't know how I could manage a great backdrop since scooting the table back against the wall would result in a large light fixture hanging down for everyone to bump into. But then I had a stroke of genius insanity both? We will see. I will give you a hint. It involves three dozen balloons and a very sweet husband. :)

So once I got the table backdrop figured out, and got the layout of the tablescape itself set in my mind, I was bothered by the fact that you can see the underside of the table. Not that I don't love my table. But I really wanted a skirt to complete the look. Problem is that our table is large and awkwardly shaped, as the edges are scalloped. So as I was perusing Pinterest, I found this picture:

And I just loved the fun look! So I started thinking, I could make that!!! In Ava's birthday colors! So...

First, I gathered my supplies: scissors, painters tape (I used painters tape so it wouldn't hurt my painted table), and $3 worth of paper streamers from Walmart.

Then, I got to work! I stretched out the tape in the corner of my kitchen, with the sticky side up so I could easily place my streamers. I would put the end of the roll on the tape, roll it down, then cut. That saved on a lot of pesky measuring! ;)

After I was done, I moved it and taped it just below the table top on the side of the table. I am not worried about the tape showing because of the table covering I have, but if you are, you could always tape it to the underside of the tabletop.

(please excuse all of the party mess on the table. and around the table. and everywhere in the picture!) I love the result! And it was so easy! I only did half the table because the other half will be covered with the backdrop. I am still trying to decide if I want to trim them or just let them be. And I did two strips of tape, and you can see where they overlap. Had I been thinking, I would have lined up the colors better, so that I wasn't missing a green right there in the middle of the picture. But I don't figure people will notice. Just me. And I will just pick my eyeballs out looking at it. Oh well.

What are your favorite party decor tricks?!?!


The Bowden's said...

I have done this for many of Neeley's parties too. I always thought it wasn't so fun while I was making it but always enjoyed the look afterwards. :) Too cute!!