Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Angel Words: Volume 4

Okay, I know. Last week I promised that today's word would be about Ava. And I had one planned that I will do next week that is about her. But today's word just fits this week, and I really feel like I need to share.

Life with an Angel is...


Hectic. Busy. Chaotic. However you want to put's crazy, y'all!!! Life in general is busy, I know. Kids have school and activities, adults have work. But life with an Angel is another level of busy. Or maybe just a different kind of busy. In addition to the activities that we would have if Ava were a typical two year old- errands, grocery shopping, playdates, park trips, etc., we also have a barrage of doctor appointments and therapy. Just February alone, we have/have had 6 specialist doctor appointments, a two year checkup, and, of course, therapy.

Therapy with Ava is fun, but time consuming and sometimes challenging to get to. Let me just give you guys a little sample of our life, this is our schedule this week.

Monday: OT makeup session in the morning, Developmental Therapy in the afternoon
Tuesday: CT scan and neurosurgery appointment
Wednesday: Physical Therapy in the morning
Thursday: OT and makeup Speech Therapy session in the morning
Friday: Speech Therapy in the morning

Tuesdays are usually our "busy" therapy days- we have OT, PT, and Speech on Tuesdays!

Add to that all of our usual activities, like lunch and nap, and you have a very full week. Not that I am complaining at ALL! I am so thankful and blessed to be able to stay home with Ava and be able to attend therapy with her and do things with her. And I am also so thankful for therapy. It has been amazing to watch her grow and I just cannot express how wonderful her therapists are- they are amazing!

And as much as I get worn down running back and forth to therapy and doctor's appointments, I know that all that means that we are doing our very best for Ava, to help her be the best little Angel she can be!!! And I love that!!! I also love hearing her "sing" in the car with the radio- something she has started doing more and more!!! It is so funny!!!

Speaking of funny, yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day so after nap, we decided it would be fun to get out on the trampoline! Daddy was home and we had a blast, as you can see...

Today, we are planning a walk after nap. I can't wait! I am loving this weather. Just hope we don't have to pay for it later... :/