Sunday, February 6, 2011

They grow up so fast...

***I must confess, I really need to be cooking my dinner, folding clothes, doing dishes, etc. right now. But I am writing a blog post. Oh well....***

Ava has started climbing on everything the last week. She really wasn't even pulling up much a couple of weeks ago. Now she is pulling up and trying to "hurl" herself onto and over things!!! It is crazy to me to think about this day one year ago. Friday is her birthday. February 11. But February 9th was almost her birthday. I went into "early" labor on the night of the 8th. They stopped it and sent us home, but as the nurse wheeled out a very sad pregnant woman and her equally disappointed husband, she assured us that we would be back within the week if I continued to progress as I had been. She was right! That Thursday, my water broke and off we went to become parents! You can read the whole story here, or just wait until Friday! I am sure I will post about it then on her birthday! ;)

Anyway, my little monkey has only stood up in her crib once. But I am nervous. Because she stands a little higher in her crib (without bumpers) than the girl in the picture below. And with her knack for climbing, I just know a fall on her head is around the corner! I am considering a baby tent for her crib. But I don't know- I am going to talk to her doctor about it Friday. But I am going to order her one of these (in a cuter fabric of course!). These are at BRU, and they protect the crib from those precious little teeth marks! HA! The crib and nursery furniture we have was purchased to use for ALL of our kids, hopefully two more- LORD willing! So we really want it to stay nice, since the last baby will be using it all the way up (it converts into a full sized bed).

I just wanted to share a few pictures of my sweet girl! Sorry they are such poor quality. With a busy baby (or is she a toddler now? I don't know???) it is hard to run and grab my camera, but my cell phone is always nearby. I love my iPhone, but the camera really is lacking!!!

Miss Thang learned to climb up on the hearth (which is about a foot and a quarter tall) all by herself!!! She was so proud!!! To find out more about our custom fireplace hearth cover, click here.

Chowing down!!!

She was GLUED to Designed to Sell!!! I was so proud! LOL! I normally don't turn the TV on for playtime. But sometimes, I just need some noise!

My happy, beautiful girl! She is just a joy!!!