Monday, February 14, 2011

All About Ava

So Ava and I went over to my parent's house for dinner Saturday night. I had planned on the whole big family and some close friends going out to eat for Ava's real birthday (her party is in April...), but my dad took a nasty fall at work a few weeks ago, and had surgery recently to repair a fractured leg. So he is in no shape or mood to go much of anywhere! So we decided to keep it low key, just us. Now I should first explain something. My mom makes cakes. Like MAKES CAKES. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, BIG cakes! So we are used to having major, elaborate birthday cakes in my family. But since my dad's fall, she has been busy with him, so I just went to Walmart and got a cake for us to share. It has been YEARS since I have had a walmart cake- and it wasn't too bad! But shhh! Don't tell my mom! ;) Anyway, my sister called a couple of hours before dinner, and asked me if Ava was going to do a smash cake. I told her no, that I figured we would just wait for her party. She told me that she HAD to do one, and that she had already got her one. So I reluctantly agreed (thinking I would back out later). When I got to my parent's, and saw the smash cake, I just cracked up! It was the tiny version of the bigger one I bought for everyone to share! HAHA! I love my sister, and I love when we do stuff like that!

So I gave in (like she knew I would) and let Ava do a smash cake. I guess somewhere in me, I thought she would be a dainty little princess and just pick at it. Not my kid. She went at it full force. As Cole said, "Yup! That is definitely a Brewer!" HAHA!

And please excuse the "singing"...not one person in my family can carry a tune very well, and the worst of us all is me- and I am holding the camera!!!!