Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Splish Splash....

Bath time is always a fun and soaking experience with Ava. She is a wiggle worm. And when I say that, I cannot emphasize enough the WIGGLE part!!! In fact, one of the founding members of her pediatric clinic saw her when she was about 3 months...now this lady is, well, advanced in age. Like maybe 70. And she couldn't believe how busy Ava was. She commented that she is the busiest and wiggliest baby she had ever seen in all her years of practice! Nice. I had hoped that Ava would calm a bit after she became mobile and had better motor skills. HAHA! Boy was I wrong! Let's just say, the dogs have had to learn to run faster, and the house is now baby proof for a reason! I am worried about the day she starts walking...because I think running will soon follow!

I just love this face! A little surprise, and a little annoyance!

Oh, what the heck! I guess I can give you a smile! Behind the toy, of course!

Soapy baby! She is cutting teeth #7 and 8, so right now there is ALWAYS something in her mouth!

On a totally different subject, Cole and I (admittedly mostly me) are seriously planning and prepping to put our house on the market. I would love to have it up for sale by early summer, but that might just be a dream. I don't know. At any rate, I am working hard on getting things "buyer ready" and making plans for what I will need to pack away when we do put it on the market. I am even putting off a picture wall for our family photos because I know that I will have to take them down when we list the house. SO not like me!
One thing I have been putting off is the changing of our living room fan. The one that was there when we moved in was HIDEOUS circa 1992. Brass, faux oak blades, the works! It HAD to go. Now I am not a big fan person, and I thought about just hanging a regular light fixture in there. But then I found this guy, and he changed my mind....

Handsome, isn't he? I just fell in love with it! But, like so many things in life, love was blind. And soon, I would be (almost) too. You see, the beautiful textured glass globe conceals three light bulbs. But not just any light bulbs. Three of the hardest to find, weirdest little bulbs ever that burn out in a couple of months and have no compact florescent equivalent. Yes, so sad. And to add insult to injury, the stupid little dinky bulbs put out NO light whatsoever! So to see in my living room, you have to turn on every lamp (three total), the foyer light, open the blinds, AND turn this on. And if it is a cloudy day, you will still stump your toe. GRRR. So he has to go. Function has won out over form for me, this time. And I knew I would have to replace it for these very reasons when we listed anyway. And since that time is coming up, I went shopping...

And a trip to Lowes, Home Depot, and only $100 later, this is the result. He is not as unique as his predecessor, but he is updated, will look nice in the room, and has mass appeal. And that is what you are going for when listing, right? I will miss my old guy. But who knows, maybe there will be a nice place for him in our new digs someday, where his function isn't of such vital importance!!!
I will post pictures when we get the new guy up. It might be a while as my dad took a bad fall last weekend and badly broke his leg. Please be in prayer for him- he finds out tomorrow (Wednesday) if he will be needing surgery or not. And also, please be in prayer for two VERY important people in my life, as they search for and interview for new jobs. This is a hard economy, but they both have so much to offer, I know there is a place out there for them both that will be such a blessing!
And while we are on prayer requests about jobs, I am seriously thinking about going to real estate school. It has been something I have thought about for a while. And I don't think I would want to do it full-time, maybe just be a broker's assistant, or something where I could just show houses (the fun part to me!) and not worry so much about the negotiations and paperwork. I don't know. I just need to pray about it more, but I am the person that looks at mls websites for fun and subscribes to the Sunday paper for the sole purpose of the real estate section. HAHA!