Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

***if you haven't seen it, check out my last post about Ava's first cake...the video is SO FUNNY!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!! This has always been one of my favorite days! Not just because of all the candy (YUMMY!) but because ever since I met my husband, Cole, love has a whole new meaning. He is everything to me, and I am so blessed to have him!!!

I love you Cole!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

At my cousin's wedding in November 2010

Our rehearsal dinner, November 2007

Valentine's Day at Ft. Rucker, AL (home of Army Aviation), 2009

Kissing in a Chinook Helicopter, February 2009
(yes, we live an odd life!!!)

About to go into the Aviation Museum at Ft. Rucker, 2009
(there are no pictures from Valentine's Day 2010 because that was our first full day at home with Ava, and the only pictures we were taking were of her!!! HAHA! YOu would not have wanted to see me anyway!)

My beautiful valentine's flowers from this year!!! He always does such a stellar job! And of course candy and a teddy for Ava. That has become a tradition- a teddy with any flowers for Ava. I wonder if he knows that when baby #2 comes along, he is going to have to send 2 bears???

Stunning flowers! Good job baby!!!!

"...I have found the one that my heart loves..." -Song of Solomon 3:4