Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New (pseudo) Window Treatments...

I have been unhappy with the curtains in our living room for a long time. Really, I was never really happy with them. We don't have any windows in the room, just double french doors to the back deck. So window treatments are more for look than function, as we never closed them- just the blinds. My friend from high school, Shannon, is a fabulous home decorator, and she "cheats" on a lot of her window treatments. When she posted about her living room curtains, I knew I wanted to borrow...ok, STEAL, her idea. She purchased her drape hardware at HobLob, so this morning Ava and braved the cold and headed to the mecca of home decor! I went in search of some similar hardware (which are just wall hooks) and I found (I think) the very ones she used!

I was going to use the idea with my existing curtains, but I have really been wanting to brighten the room up a bit. So while looking at the fabrics, I fell in LURV with this beautiful upholstery fabric!

Of course, it was one of the most expensive ones...BUT it was 30% off. So I got it for like 19.00/sqft. I bought 2 1/2 yards, and some hem (no sew, iron on, heavy duty) tape. And off I went to make my pseudo window treatments...

Here are a few pictures of what was there....

Sorry it is so hard to see. I have already told you all about the darkness of this room and my plan to lighten it up in my last post. :)
First I took the fabric and cut in in half long ways. Because these are not functional, the width doesn't really matter. In fact, I am glad that they are pretty narrow so you can see the pattern and design. You will understand it more when you see the finished project, promise.

So after cutting the fabric in half, I got out my rarely used iron (it is used more for crafts than clothes. I am a throw it in the dryer type girl!) and got to work!

I trimmed the edges so that they were not showing from the front.

After I had "hemmed" (via the iron-on tape) the edges, I attached my drapery rings. I wasn't going to "hem" the top, but I ended up going back and doing it because it wouldn't lay down without it. I got the rings at HobLob too, and there were 12 in the package. Since there are 5 hooks per side, I only had to buy one package. SCORE!

Naptime was over before I could do the other side, but here is the first side finished. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out! Just what this room needed I think! They really bring height and character to the room, and because that is the first thing you see when walking into the home from the front door, I am glad that I made them so dramatic!

Here is the top. I
YAY! I plan on finishing the other side when little-bit goes to bed tonight. I just can't wait!!!
So what do you think? What have you cheated at in your decor?


Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

I love the Nester blog -- she's posted many posts about her "window mistreatments". We have an ADORABLE front door window treatment and I got the idea from her. They're made out of cloth napkins!

This is one of many posts about them:

Anonymous said...

These look awesome! LOVE that fabric! I don't think they have that at my HobLob! Boo!

Shannon said...

Those look great! I really LOVE the fabric! Thanks for the shout out. :)

I am definitely a throw in the dryer girl too!

Kristopher said...

The fabric looks good! It makes a nice window curtain since the pattern aid in brightening up that room of yours. It's a creative way to spice up the windows and room.

Kristopher Diss