Friday, March 25, 2011

Just for the sake of posting...

I don't really have anything exciting or important to say. But I just felt like I needed to post...well, something! So this post ended up being mostly about Ava and her clothes. ;)

Let's roll "list style," shall we???

  • Can you believe it is only about a month until Easter?!?! Me either!!! I am so looking forward to Easter this year as my whole family will be together. Ava is going to look so cute!!! I think she is still too young for egg hunting, but she has a cute PBK basket and this PRECIOUS little outfit....
Yes, I know Easter isn't about the outfit. But you have to admit, it is DARLIN'!!!

  • We have a big day coming up! It is almost April and almost the end of a very long and trying year for my family. And when that big day comes, this little outfit is what my sweet girl will be wearing!!! Isn't it the cutest thing EVER!?!? The shirt is from Personally Stitched (it also says "Daddy's Dustoff Girl" on the back), the bow is Sweet T Bows (check them out on Facebook!), the skirt is baby gap and the Capri leggings are Gymboree. Oh, and the sandals are Payless. But I think we are going to have to rethink those, since they are still too big. She has some silver maryjanes that may be the winner... I can't believe how cute it all looks together since everything was bought/made by different shops! PERFECT!

  • Ava has always had the biggest yawns, and I have always thought that they were so cute!!! I caught this one the other is like she is saying "Oh mom! Don't take a picture of THIS!!!!" HAHA! Sooooo cute!

  • This was tonight, after dinner. She is always so happy, and she is especially happy following a big, yummy meal! Tonight's menu: ham, cheese, cheese ravioli's, baby Cheetos puffs, and baby apple dices.

  • Here is Ava's birthday outfit!!! Isn't it just adorable!? This is the same thing as her other outfit- everything came from a different location, but it all works just beautifully together!!! The shirt is again, Personally Stitched, and the bow is Sweet T Bows. The pants were given to her by our dear friends, Shane and Emily. Emily got a similar pair for their little girl, Cayden, who is just about a year older than Ava. I wish that they lived closer (they live about 4 hours away) but I know that no matter the distance, Cayden and Ava will be the best of friends!!!

  • I don't have a picture for this, but I do ask for your prayers for Cole. I can't really elaborate (and this doesn't really have anything to do with our April event for those who know what that is) but something important for him and our family is coming up next week. It was supposed to happen today, but things didn't work out that way. Please just pray that the Lord's will be done...something that is hard for me personally to pray for because I always am willful and think that MY will should be done. But I know and fully believe Jeremiah 29:11-13.


Su said...

I have no idea what ya'lls big day is but I'm glued in to find out.
Anyhow, I was going to order all 3 of mine PBK baskets and liners, but I waited too long and now they're OUT of the chestnut baskets which is what I wanted for my 2 boys and most of the liner colors. :( I HOPE they get more before Easter or afterwards so I can order for next year.

The Brewers said...

Susan, you would know what it is if you think really hard! ;) We have talked about it at running clinic. That same thing happened with us last year on the baskets. I waited too long and then they were out. So I ordered it as soon as they went on the website this year!!!