Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ava's Pictures and SO Much to Do!!!

Whoa. I have SOOO much to do- makes me want to just crawl in a hole somewhere and hide! Seriously, my list is so long I don't know WHERE to start! I know where. CLEAN MY HOUSE!!! I mean REALLY, it is so bad!!! But I sit here planning a worthless trip to Lowes (which I am thinking about aborting now) and writing a blog post. And Ava is napping. I really need to learn to make better use of her nap time. Especially with the "big day" coming up in just over a month! I don't want our lives to be in a crazy mess when that day comes!!! (For those of you new to my blog- something BIG in our lives is happening around mid-April. I mentioned it a few posts back, but I will spill the beans-again- when I can! And no, it isn't another baby.)

I have, no joke, three to do lists going. Yes, THREE~ UGH!!! One is people to call about getting a stump taken out, one is my house/cleaning to do list (which includes a TON of projects and project planning items), and one is Ava's birthday party to do list. Speaking of, I checked one BIGGIE off of that list last night! I finalized and ordered the invitations! YAY!!!! I am so excited! I think they turned out fabulous!!! If you spot a mistake, which I don't think there are any, please DO NOT TELL ME! I would just rather not know, since they have been ordered and I am paying a ridiculous amount, correct or not! HAHA! They are 5x7 Landscape folded cards...


Top Inside

Bottom Inside


It let me add text and pictures without any additional cost, so I thought WHY NOT!!! I designed them myself and used Bedford Camera to order.

I had pretty much finalized the invitation design and was just waiting on Ava's pictures, which Blakelee Bean with H&H Photography was sweet enough to do for me! We also had a studio session with Beth Martin, who has done our pictures since we got married! I get to see those adorable shots next week!

There are so many precious pictures that Blakelee took, but it would literally take me 100 years to upload them all to blogger! If you are my facebook friend, you can check them all out there. But here are just a few of my favorites. Which were so hard to decide on because they all were awesome!

Getting a little paci help from momma!

My big 1 year old!

Deep in thought....

I love that you can see all of her teeth in this one! Her top teeth are still so small that you rarely get to see them!!!

This is classic Ava. She has a thing for shoes, and will chew on any she can find. Even her own!

This one just makes me laugh! She was cracking up over something. I think the wind. She thinks wind is the funniest thing ever!!!

My beautiful girl.

I think of all of them, this is my favorite. Something about her eyes and the look on her face. I always think she is beautiful. But in this one, she just looks stunning! It just takes my breath away!!!

This is my other favorite! In fact, you will see that I used it on the front of her invitation! I love those little rosy cheeks and that sweet little tuft of hair sticking out!

This one is so Ava too! Rubbing her hair (typical for Ava!) and with her "spiky ball." She loves those balls!

Happy girl!!

Her favorite thing- Pulling mommy's hair!!!

* I don't know why my spacing is so funky. I have the hardest time with Blogger!!! I think I need a class!!!***


Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

I don't want to scare you, but you might want to block out personal identifying info (party address, phone numbers, etc) from your invitation sneak peek on this blog. I know several bloggers (Kelly @ Kelly's Korner, Melissa @ Stafford Stories, Ashley @ Ashley's Avenue, and Rachel @ Footballs & Crowns) who have had some VERY scary and nasty stuff done by people who had this personal info! LOTS of weirdos out there!

Priscilla said...

Love the invitations, they are TOO cute! I love planning my son's birthday parties. They are so fun and SO much work, but always worth it in the end!!

I love all the pictures too, your daughter is SO cute!

The Brewers said...

Thanks Lauren! I thought about that, but really I don't think there is much on there to worry about. The number is my cell, and the address is a public building. And if someone wants to show up to cause issues, they will be met with about 30 Army soldiers! HAHA! I might still try to figure out how to block it from the pdf. It is sad, I used to be really good with PDFs. The things you loose when you enter the SAHM world!!!

The Brewers said...

Okay Lauren! It is fixed just for you! ;) I am sure that is a better idea anyway! Thanks girl!!!