Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Blessings (er, well, Monday Blessings)- Perspectives

Well, I'm a day late. But I have good reason, promise! More on that later...

This week has been a hard one for me. I haven't felt well all week. In addition to the constant exhaustion that I am growing accustomed to, I am now being hit with "morning" sickness...all day. It isn't so bad, just very annoying. It is like being car sick- all the time. With waves of true, blue (or green) "where is the bathroom." So Sunday we didn't go to church because A. I was so tired, B. I felt really bad, and C. Cole had drill. So he went to work, and I slept in. Then about 11, my parents came over and we got the kitchen countertops and the bar backsplash tiled! Yea! Of course, when I say "we" I mean "they." I had to rest numerous times. But I didn't take a nap! That is a positive thing. I think. Of course by 8 pm I could barely hold my eyes open. Oh well...

So between all of the craziness in my life this week, it was hard to see the blessings. Last night I was praying that God would allow me to be thankful for all He has given me. And that is when I thought about the reason for my tiredness, and sickness, and all of the other crazy pregnancy symptoms that I have been "blessed" with...there is a precious, precious baby growing inside of me. A joy that I am so thankful for, that I have prayed for, and that I know that many women do not have the pleasure of experiencing. So I am going to do my best to not complain about feeling badly, because he or she is worth every moment of suffering that I have to endure.

Cole left for Ft. Rucker this morning. Sigh. He will be gone for several weeks, and I am not looking forward to going it alone (well, sort of. I have the dogs and my family...) during that time. But I am hoping that there is a noticeable change in my belly when he gets home. How cool would that be for him! He has been so cute, always rushing around making sure I am okay and comfortable. He is just giddy! I didn't expect that from Mr. Cool Pilot Man. Ha!!!

I did something crazy this weekend too. I went to Babies R Us, and while I was there, I was looking at bedding with my mom. I noticed that the baby boy bedding I like (Pro Flyer) was almost all gone. So I asked the lady, and she said it had been discontinued. UGG!!! No!!!! So I asked the return policy. 90 days. Well, I might know the gender in 90 days. So I bought it, thinking I can just return it if it's a girl. Crazy, huh?!?! Oh well. We knew we wanted it. We had it picked out before we were pregnant. I couldn't get a hold of Cole, so I just went for it! He didn't seem to mind!

I promise I will post pics of it soon, as well as kitchen progress, and my yard sale finds from the weekend soon. Maybe even today. But for right now, this little mama and baby need some lunch!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Lauren@ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Check for it on eBay and Amazon too! I always find stuff that has been discontinued on there...That way if you have any gaps you need to fill in, or extra stuff, you can get it. Hope you get to feelin better :)

Jessica said...

Yea. I'm so excited for you guys! What a blessing. And the bedding is GREAT! I already looked it up online!