Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big Girl School

Ava recently started at a developmental preschool, and has hard as it is on me, she is LOVING it! Until now we have been doing outpatient therapy. But with Archer and Ava's continuing therapy and social needs, we felt this was the right time- for all of us- to go ahead and start. We chose a school that is very close to our house, and small. We visited several schools, and in the end, her school just felt the most like "home" to us. The staff is WONDERFUL and her teachers and therapists seem to really love the kids. And Ava loves them!
I forgot to take her picture this morning, but I did manage to snap one the last two days before school. Getting used to her new schedule is proving difficult for all of us, but she is getting better at waking up early and taking a late nap. Better than I am doing with the schedule adjustment! It is hard getting up at 600 in the morning after taking care of a fussy baby all night.
I wanted to share some memories from this week- mostly for my own records- but I hope they bring a smile to your face! I know they did mine!!!
*On her first day, I bawled like a baby. But Ava didn't! She went in, and the other kids crowded around her. And in true Ava fashion, she smiled and laughed and hugged about 3 or 4 of them before picking a (very cute) boy to latch onto and plant a big kiss on!!!
* On her second day, we had early dismissal because of an unexpected ice storm that hit. When I picked her up, she had just finished working with a therapist. The therapist was asking about Archer (who was in his carrier, covered up). Ava heard us talking about him, went to his carrier that was sitting on the ground, uncovered him, put her hand on him, and looked at the therapist and smiled! She was showing off her baby brother!!!! My heart was about 10x it's normal size at that moment! Such a sweet- and typical- thing for a child her age to do! It's the little things, really....
* Today, she gave her teacher the biggest hug! Just latched onto her!!! And then a little boy (who was not the same little boy she was loving on the first day- oh my!) exclaimed "Ava!!!" and got up from his toys to greet her!!! He acted like he wanted to hug her but she was still loving her teacher! HAHA!
As hard as it is for me to drop her off, I know that this is going to be so good for her! She is really enjoying it I think, and seems to be very happy there. And I am so glad. I am not sure I would have survived the first day if she would have cried. Thankfully, she went to play with her friends and never looked back at me!!!
Now I know the first time Cole drops her off, it is going to be a TOTALLY different story!!! That girl LOVES her daddy!!!

Ava's First Day of School!!!! 1/14/13
Before school on Ava's second day. Getting some daddy love before we left.