Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Girl Room: A Progress Report

I just wanted to write a quick post- more for my own memory than anything- about how we are coming along on Ava's big girl room. Before we can even think about starting Archer's nursery, we have to complete Ava's room. Why, you ask? Well for one, the furniture from her room (our nursery furniture) will be in his room, and so she needs furniture of her own. Big girl furniture. And with a special needs child, that isn't as easy as running out and buying a cute twin bed at the local furniture store. Ava really needed a big girl *enclosed* bed. For her safety and our sanity. But after looking at the special needs beds on the market, I was less than thrilled. They were all either A. UGLY, B. not suited for her needs, or C. BLASTED EXPENSIVE. In most cases, all of the above. (And when I say expensive, I am talking anywhere from $6k on up!!!) So I did what any girl who has a daddy that can fix or build anything does... I got my idea of what I wanted together, called up my sweet dad, and begged for him to make her bed. And it didn't take much begging...that little girl has her Poppy wrapped around her little finger!!! More than I could have ever dreamed!

I took the idea for her bed from this one I found on I sketched out my ideas and my dad and I designed and redesigned and worked and reworked. But we are finally in the building process and (knock on wood) all reports from my dad are that it is going well. When it is finished, it will not only meet her needs for a very long time, but be beautiful, durable, and will look like a "regular" bed when she isn't sleeping. Something I know she will enjoy because she LOVES sitting on and playing on the guest daybed in the playroom!

And her's will also have drawers underneath. CHA-CHING!!!

So far, I am guessing that the materials have cost us about $1200.00. That includes lumber, paint, & hardware (which is a whole 'nother story in & of itself). Thankfully, the labor is paid for with smiles and thank yous! My dad is keeping the actual accounting of it in case others are interested in the plans or details when we are done.

I haven't 100% decided on a paint color. But I am thinking Valspar's Twist of Lime.

Don't worry- it isn't quite so bright on the wall. I have a test swatch painted.

I am still loving her bedding- Moroccan Garden from Bed Bath and Beyond. I was really struggling with what to do about the bedding when I saw that a friend had used it in her little girl's room, and knew it was perfect! It is a quilt, like I wanted for Ava, and is busy enough that it will hide stains (I hope!) Here is an actual picture of one of her shams...

I bought her an ugly old (but solid) dresser on craigslist several months ago. I think I paid $75 for it. I have been very slowly working on it but have really kicked it into high gear since we have roughly 15 weeks until baby A arrives! Here are some before pictures...

I popped off the raised panels on the front because 1. they were already loose and I didn't want to repair them, and 2. I thought it dated it a bit. Plus, I knew it would be much easier to sand and paint without those!
Here is how it is looking thus far...

I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I am in the "home stretch" with it. Being 6 months pregnant doesn't make it easy to get down and work on it, but I am managing! If you look closely, (I hope) you can see that the flower design came from her bedding. The knobs are made to look like glass, but are actually acrylic. They were a splurge at around $6/each (we ended up needing a total of 14), but worth every penny! They will go on the rest of the drawers when I am done, as well as the drawers under Ava's bed.

I had originally pinned this picture on my Archer's Nursery pinterest board, but then I decided I liked it for Ava's room. Her board will be painted pink and have fun pink, white, and lime accessories on it. It will hang over her dresser and will serve to hold diaper changing stuff for as long as we are in that stage, then will just be a fun thing to change and play with as she gets older.


I have a few more plans up my sleeve that I am saving for the "big reveal", but I really cannot wait for her room to be done.

I also just wanted to make note.... I was asked by several people recently, why I was putting so much into Ava's room. Time, effort, money... Well, Ava is my daughter. I love her just as any typical parent loves their child. And Ava is fully deserving of a beautiful and thoughtful big girl room just as any other child is. She may not appreciate it as some do- and she may appreciate it MORE than some would. And as time goes forward, we may have to make changes to keep her safe and meet her ever changing needs. But this is something that I can do for my baby girl, and just because she is missing a chromosome doesn't mean she has to miss out on this part of her childhood.

I am also doing it for me! I love decorating and designing and painting. And I have been looking forward to doing this room since I found out she was a girl so long ago! There are so many things I am going to have to miss out on, so many shared mother/daughter experiences that Ava and I won't get to share. This is one that we can and I relish every second of it. And I know that, in her own way, she will love and enjoy her new room. And that makes my heart sing.


Lauren said...

I think Ava is going to LOVE her big girl room. I can't wait for the big reveal. =) And, did God give Ava the right grandfather or what? Before you said that you dad is keeping up with the costs of everything, I was thinking to myself that as soon as you post the finished product you're going to be getting requests for them!

Cari said...

I can hardly wait for the reveal of both Ava and Archer' room!!! You have the best eye for design!

And seriously, people ask you that?? That just blows my mind. She deserves all the effort you want to put into her sweet room! That is ashame you have to explan yourself! Keep up the great work, momma!

The Ritchie Crew said...

Love love love the dresser! The room is going to look amazing.

Leah said...

Those who ask why either A) aren't a parent or B) don't know you at all. If you have the resources why NOT put that much effort into it??? I would LOVE to put that much into Cady's room. Unfortunately, until Justin can land that AP job at the school Cady will just make due with what we can throw together. I can't wait to see the final reveal!!!!