Friday, April 1, 2011

Not Doing....

So here I sit, in our office, at the computer, not doing what I know I should/need to be doing. Really, what I HAVE to be doing. We found out today that our big event (you know the worst kept secret that some are still- amazingly- clueless about that we have been waiting for a year for) will most likely be Wednesday. That is less than a week. LESS.THAN.A.WEEK!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I am literally like a kid before the best Christmas ever! BUT, I really have SO very much to get done before next week happens.

  • I have been to the salon.

  • The dogs have been groomed.

  • The baby has been bathed. Okay, we have bath time every night. But still, she is clean and pretty every day!!!

But the house is a WHOLE different story!!! I was telling a friend who is also having the same big event happen the same day that my house is a disaster and that I have so much to do. She didn't believe me. Oh, if she ONLY knew. ONLY KNEW. SOOOOO.... As motivation for myself to get my clean on, I have decided to ***GASP*** post pictures of the disaster known as my home. YIKES. So here goes, in random order, the BREWER DISASTER:

Oh, the office. The catch all place to be. Every bill and paper passes through this place, and it LOOKS it!!! YIKES!!! And if you knew the last time I vacuumed this rug, I would really die of embarrassment. Awful.

Dining Room. YIKES again. Birthday party planning for Ava has taken over!!! Most of the stuff on the table is related to that or our new roof. It is office spill over. You can see where we eat (which might give you a hint of what the big day is), since I have yet to clean up Ava's lunch mess!!! hAHA!

I will say, the kitchen looks worse than it is. I can have this kitchen perfect in 20 minutes. Not that I WILL, but I could if I wanted to... ;) It is mostly just messy and cluttered, and I am too tired at this point to care much. MUST-CARE!!! HA!
Living room. Really not bad. But the TOYS! Oh the TOYS. They are taking over!!! Some days, I feel like I live in a toy store. And that is NOT a good thing. I like feeling like I live in Hobby Lobby, not ToysRUs!!!

Bedroom. Not too bad. Aside from the bed. And the dog beds are SO bad and their replacements are actually sitting in the kitchen floor as I type. Another thing I need to do! :) I am thinking about donating the old ones to an animal shelter. I know they ask for old blankets- do they take old (but still usable, just a little raggy and worn) beds??? Oh yes, and cleverly hiding from me behind the bed is 2 baskets of clean laundry to be folded. Sigh....

I am seriously so happy this day is almost here. But I am feeling overwhelmed! And I tend to shut down a little bit into panic mode. I will get out of it. But for now, I am just having a little freak out! I hope that my TOTAL embarrassment of showing you what my house looks like right this second will be enough to get me going for after pics! HA! We shall see..........

***Sorry the pictures are so bad. I love my iPhone, but the camera is horrid!


Priscilla said...

I've been reading/following your blog for a few months but have no idea what your big surprise is! haha! I can't wait to find out.

It's nice to see I am not the only one who has piles of things to take care of, but put off!

Hope you have a good weekend.

Lori Allberry said...

Oh my goodness! I can not tell you how tickled pink I was to see this post!
Your house looks no different than most of ours - and you won't believe this - as a matter of fact, I have been debating for the longest time whether or not to post pictures of my house, closets and cupboards to motivate myself! ;o)

Good Luck with everything!


The Brewers said...

Pricilla, Thank you for following! You will know SO SOON what it is and I am SO EXCITED!! AHHH!!!

Lori, I must say, IT WORKED!!! 95% is cleaned up! Working on the office now, which is so hard because I get distracted by this dang computer! HAHA!