Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am still alive! HAHA!

Well tomorrow will mark one week since Cole has been home, and I must say, it has been (mostly) blissful! HA! We are still in that time where even his (and my) annoying little habits are fun and cute! It is kinda like meeting and dating all over again. Except you share a home and a child and a marriage. Very unique experience- this military life! I don't really know what to share or have the energy to share. Mostly because my brain is still trying to process all of the change that has and is taking place in my life right now. It is so hard because for a year, your entire life is on hold, stagnate. And then in one moment- the moment he steps off that plane and into your arms, things start happening SO fast!!! It is just crazy! But a good crazy! I thought I would share some pictures with you...these are by no means all of the pictures I have. In fact, these were all "stolen" from my mil or friend's facebook page! HA! But I wanted to share something with you, and I haven't even downloaded from my camera yet. These were taken friday night. We went to Macaroni Grill with my parents and Cole's mom and stepdad for Steve's (his stepdad's) birthday. We had so much fun and it was awesome to have Cole there!!! I missed him SO much, especially on nights like that one!

I *actually* see more of me in this one!
This girl LOVES her Daddy!!! (and who can blame her?!?! He is amazing!)


She cannot get enough of his face!!!

My friends Kara and Amanda with me (I have no idea where I was looking! HA!) The wives of our unit are all awesome, but these two ladies in particular are a big reason I made it through this year with my sanity intact!
Amanda and I, with Ava and B. B is about 5 months younger than Ava, and we do playdates all the time! We just love these girls, and they are so fun to watch together!!!

Those pictures were taken right before the guys got home. In a rare Army occurrence, the plane was about 15 minutes EARLY so I am glad we got there when we did. It was SUPER crowded!!!